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D/B Recommended: Homie Lover Friend w/ Machinedrum and many more @ Yaam Berlin | Sunday, 12.08.2012

“HOMIE, LOVER, FRIEND” is an open air music journey, where artists from the UK, Amsterdam and Berlin celebrate various music genres like Soul, Funk, Hiphop, Reggae, Dancehall, Grime, UKG, House, Footwork and Techno, by challenging genre boundaries and preconceptions.

They reach forward while referencing key points of music’s past representing their own unique sound while thinking beyond boxes.

Of the many aliases attributed to Orlando, FL-based artist Travis Stewart (aka Syndrone, tstewart) Machinedrum is handily the most well-known.

Machinedrum | Fantastix

Although initially conceived as an outlet for Stewart’s drill’n’bass meanderings, Machinedrum’s first public release was a hazy, skittering melange that owed more to hip-hop and ambient than early Squarepusher.

Murkage on themselves: “overs fighters dreamers seekers vagabonds rakes hellbound fakes steak eaters trigger squeezers night creepers the strongest and weakest forever foetal hawk killing eagles soaring and regal egos”.

Murkage | Torches

“unequalled divers in stormy seas gold toothed teenage garage fiends dealing in deep night club scenes explosions hearts set in unstoppable slow motion low frequency jokers those student beat brokers four badmind thinkers brazen grape soda drinkers”.

Formed high up in the clouds of Little Mexico, North West London, Piff Gang are Phaze One, Super Dertie, Skout, Don Silk, Relly Rellz, Skitz, Prince, DJ Motive and producers, Budgie and Crankz.

Piff Gang | Bow Down

With songs inspired by East Coast Rap, G Funk and Chopped & Screwed vibes mixed with UK flavour influenced by Grime & UKG, the crew kick raps over samples, synths and raw drums. With a mixture of bangers & mellow beats as their backdrop, the MCs create music for the car & club plus laid back music to fly to. Piff Gang are on that wavy tip.

For the complete line-up, check the website of Weboogie: weboogie.tumblr.com. This event is recommended by Digital in Berlin! We are giving away 2 x 2 tickets. Just send a mail to win@digitalinberlin.de with “Homie Lover Friend” as the subject.

“Homie Lover Friend”
with Machinedrum, Murkage, Piff Gang and many more
presented by We Boogie & Trough My Speakers

Sunday, 12 August 2012 | 12:00 CET
Yaam | Stralauer Platz 35 | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain