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D/B Recommended: High Places @ HAU 2 Berlin | Saturday, 03.12.2011

Six weeks after the double concert with Lucky Dragons and Skeletons HAU hosts a further US underground band which pursues the project of a new kind of world music under the conditions of the digital diaspora: HIGH PLACES.

The duo consists of singer Mary Pearson and multi-instrumentalist Rob Barber, and in October they have released their third album entitled “Original Colors”.
Pulsating basslines, tricky-syncopated dance rhythms and ethereal vocals are combined with a fine taste for proportion and melody, and blend into soundscapes of engrossed beauty.

Recorded in the band’s home studios in Los Angeles, Original Colors is dotted with sun drenched references to Australia’s inimitable foliage, the expansive desert of Northern Mexico, and the crystal, blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

High Places | Altos Lugares

Throughout its nearly five years of existence, the band has traveled extensively and performed in a multitude of environments. Whether performing at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan or in an industrial warehouse in Santiago, Chile, High Places’ enveloping sound and propulsive energy allow the music to translate to a variety of venues.

Mary and Rob challenge the conventional parameters of a rock band and instead give us a multi-sensory aesthetic partnership that continually defies expectations.

High Places  LIVE

Saturday, 03 December 2011 | 22:00 CET
Hau 2 | Hallesches Ufer 32 | 10963 Berlin/Kreuzberg

High Places on myspace | High Places on Blogspot | hebbel-am-ufer.de