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D/B Recommended: Hieroglyphic Being, Metasplice, Madteo and others @ West Germany Berlin | Thursday, 25.10.2012

With four very special live acts and a supporting dj, the West Germany Venue is going to witness the release event for THE LOST TRANSMISSION EP by Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being.

Also Metasplice will perform their German debut performance, during their very first European Tour.

And the way it is, Jamal Moss and Metasplice will share the same stage, on the same night, with another Morphine Records veteran, Madteo, who will be also performing some of his latest creations.

Hieroglyphic Being | The Lost Transmission

Additionaly, the mighty Tommaso Cappellato on drums (Upperground Orchestra, Morphine Records), Bill Kouligas (PAN) and Rabih Beaini (aka Morphosis, Morphine Records) will perform as the improvisational special trio.

On the LOST TRANSMISSIONS EP, Hieroglyphic Being steps in with one revisitation of a already released track on a extremely limited cdr, the last transmissions, this slower but even more spaced out than the normal, edge of the techno, noise territorial killer.

Metasplice | Thermite Jack

On the b-side you find an original cosmic bebop, one of his most controversial and paranoic outputs, surprising and magical. Hieroglyphic being is considered by Morphine as our time’s visionary, one of the last standing true afro-futurists.

In a time when techno and abstract music is sounding repetitive, Metasplice continue to utilize unconventional sounds and arrangements. “Decant”, being the more floor oriented track, combines groovy bits that turn into splashing immense noises and harmonies.

Call Super with his special selection of records will be supporting the acts.

Hieroglyphic Being, Metasplice, Madteo, Cappellato/Kouligas/Beaini  LIVE

Dj: Call Super

Thursday, 25 October 2012 | 22:00 CET
West Germany | Skalitzer Str. 133 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

soundcloud.com/somuchnoise2beheard | soundcloud.com/metasplice | morphinerecords.com