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D/B Recommended: Live rescore: A Hawk And A Hacksaw vs. Sergei Paradjanov @ HAU 1 Berlin | Sunday, 11.03.2012

New Mexico’s widescreen roving folk duo A Hawk and A Hacksaw (accordionist/drummer Jeremy Barnes and violinist Heather Trost) present a brand new rescore of Soviet director Sergio Paradjanov’s classic film “Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors.

Set high up in the Carpathian mountains, the film tells the age old tale of a peasant’s love and loss in a pre- industrial age where magic and ritual are as much a part of existence as back-breaking work and violent family feuds.

The colour, grandeur and gut-wrenching romance of A Hawk and A Hacksaw’s music is the perfect counterpoint to Paradjanov’s visionary blend of folklore, sorcery and religious symbolism.

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors | Excerpt

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors is the first major work by the legendary Russian filmmaker Sergei Paradjanov. Hailed as a genius by the likes of Fellini, Antonioni and Tarkovsky, his films are as allegorical and mysterious as Byzantine frescos, each a beautiful riot of small movements within his almost always static frames.

The film is the archetypal Ukrainian story of a young peasant who marries the daughter of his father’s killer, loses her, falls into a long spiral of sadness and then remarries again, with tragic results. Paradjanov enriches the tale with occult imagery, swooping camerawork and a wide tableaux of breathtaking landscapes.

Started as a solo project in 2000 by accordionist and drummer Jeremy Barnes (former member of indie rock legends Neutral Milk Hotel) and named after a line in Cervantes’ Don Quixote, AHAAH became a duo in 2004 when Barnes met violinist Heather Trost.

The pair began an adventure that took them to Budapest, Hungary where they lived for two years and met/toured with some of the country’s finest folk musicians, as well as countless US & European tours both on their own and with big names including Portishead, Calexico and fellow New Mexico resident Beirut.

Joined by an ever expanding and contracting line-up of musicians, A Hawk and A Hacksaw seeks to create and document an ecstatic sound much like the village bands of old, with the communal aspect of folk tradition and musicianship the key factor.

A Hawk and A Hacksaw’s release an official soundtrack album to Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors this Spring on their label LM-Duplication.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw – live rescore of Sergej Paradjanov’s “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”

Sunday, 11 March 2012 | 20:00 CET
HAU 1 | Stresemannstr. 29 | 10963 Berlin/Kreuzberg

ahawkandahacksaw.net | parajanov.com | hebbel-am-ufer.de