Hauschka feat. Samuli Kosminen @ Volksbühne Berlin | Monday, 11.03.2013

Having recently released a remix series, Salon des Amateurs, on Fat Cat master of the prepared piano Hauschka makes a performance at the Volksbühne in Berlin this March.

He will be joined on stage by Samuli Kosminen, the drummer from Icelandic folktronica ensemble Múm.

Volker Bertelmann, better known as HAUSCHKA, has achieved renown by reviving an instrument that ever since John Cage occupies a permanent place in new music: the prepared piano. On his current album “Foreign landscapes” Hauschka departs from the chamber music format, as for the first time he arranges his repetitive textures for an orchestra consisting of twelve string players and brass.

Hauschka | Morgenrot

The story behind Volker Bertelmann – known best these days as HAUSCHKA – is not necessarily what you’d expect. Although he is one of the most recognisable 21st Century proponents of what is known as prepared piano – one whose sound is altered by the insertion of alien objects between or upon its strings, hammers and dampers – he was barely aware of the champions of such a practise when he first began his experiments.

Hauschka | Radar

Even John Cage was a largely unfamiliar name that fateful day when he sat in the studio of his friend Adam Fuest and, frustrated by the sounds he was making, starting placing random objects into the instrument. Almost two decades after he began his professional career rapping, Volker Bertelmann aka HAUSCHKA finds himself in the unusual position of being regularly compared to the likes of Eric Satie, John Cage and Steve Reich.

Hauschka | The Key

(In 2011 he was invited by London’s prestigious Barbican to perform as part of Reverbations, a festival celebrating the work and influence of the latter composer.) Always unpredictable, HAUSCHKA continues to offer only one certainty: that the next step he takes will no doubt be as unexpected as the direction from which he has come.

Hauschka feat. Samuli Kosminen (Múm) (D/FIN)
DJ Jochen Arbeit 

Monday, 11 March 2013 | 20:00 CET
Volksbühne | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10178 Berlin/Mitte |

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