D/B Recommended: momentum #1 w/ Julien Mier, Sun Glitters & Kyson @ Prince Charles Berlin | Thursday, 28.02.2013

Kyson is one of those artists who have always seen electronic music as a platform through which they feel most comfortable explaining themselves by projecting the imagination, the musical narratives, and the imagery that constantly churns through their heads.

It’s the story of many young, modern musicians – they recycle, re-pitch, warp and sample the electronic sound scape that has surrounded them throughout their formative years, and they insert their own voice into the ever-growing discourse that is today’s musical sphere.

Distance between friends, family and loved-ones, memories of places once visited, images viewed through the lens of a camera, the sound of a bargain bin record bought in some far-flung corner of our ever-shrinking globe: these are Kyson’s inspirations, his motivation, and the filter through which his music must be heard.

Kyson | Remi

The ‘Patience EP’, recently released on Moodgadget Records, is an EP about experimenting with layers of emotions to create a tableau of sounds that become one. The low end of the record is static and haunting, and creates a foundation for tones, guitars and high vocals to move in and around the space left in the tracks.

Kyson’s newest project, the ‘Blackstone EP’, is a richer, rhythm-orientated collection, filled to the brim with vocal samples and minor-key chord progressions, while still retaining the captivating low-end and warped synthesis that has defined his earlier work.

Julien Mier | Watercolour Sky

Julier Mier doesn’t care about genres. He loves diversity. It allows him to open his mind for something new. Jazz, electronica, ambient, 2step, electro-acoustic and everything inbetween is what he’s doing.

Julien already released four EP’s: “Natural Scarf”, “Roadless”, “Soon, close, maybe too far” and “Have Courage, Funny Thing”. He gets inspiration of the sea, as he lives in a town on the dunes. Water has always been something inspirational – “it moves and changes all the time, it never stands still but everybody knows it’s water”.

Sun Glitters | High

An ocean of lush melodies, pitch-shifted vocal samples, ghostly digi-diva choirs, warm bass melodies driven by alternately dense and relaxing beatwork combinations between downtempo and wonky beats. This is how Victor Ferreira aka Sun Glitters defines the sound of his project.

It is quite difficult to define the genre of Sun Glitters’ sound, it’s a swirling melting pot of many different influences and textures. Reminiscent of Boards of Canada, Burial or Balam Acab, it is also a totally unique, emotionally charged experience. Sun Glitters‘ visual presentation is dreamlike, in pastel sun-faded colors and hazy shadows.

momentum #1
w/ Julien Mier, Sun Glitters &  Kyson  LIVE

Thursday, 28 February 2013 | 21:00 CET
Prince Charles | Prinzenstrasse 85 F | 10969 Berlin/Kreuzberg

kysonmusic.com | soundcloud.com/julien-mier | sunglitters.com | princecharlesberlin.com