Picture: Hanno Leichtmann by Camille Blake.
Picture: Hanno Leichtmann by Camille Blake.

Samplemania sound installation by Hanno Leichtmann at Die Möglichkeit einer Insel / 14-16.7.2023

Hanno Leichtmann listened back to some oldschool Audio Sample CDs from the 90s and found out that when you listen to them as „normal“ music CDs, it quite a trip! Even more if you listen to two discs at once. Within several joyful and painful weeks Leichtmann compiled two perfect matching CDs – out of many original Sampling Cds from the early 1990s and therefore thousands of samples – to take you on a sonic trip through a 90s samplemania extravaganza. The CDs are played back on the iconic SONY CDP-7F CD Players, a design classic from 1985.

The installation will take place in the very charming gallery Die Möglichkeit einer Insel just next to the very beautiful Fischerinsel area.

Samplemania – a sound installation for two Sony CDP-7F CD players and 658 samples by Hanno Leichtmann

14-16.7.2023 | Doors/Starts 18:00 CET | admission free
Die Möglichkeit einer Insel | Inselstrasse 7 in 10179 Berlin

hannoleichtmann.com | Event @ Facebook

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