Photo Credit: Manuel Miethe

Guido Möbius and Itchy Spots at Arkaoda / Wednesday, 25.5.2022

The Berlin based duo Itchy Spots combines falling words with tricky rhythms. Their music concerns the Simultaneity of intensity and nonchalance, feverish high speed drumming, static sounds and tribal hypnosis. The vocal performance seems to stand alone, it is independent from whats happening rhythmically, yet it all melts together perfectly. Grooving skeletons of songs, rituals and shamanism. Itchy Spots are James Main and Ansgar Wilken.

In his live sets Guido Möbius creates delicate links between experimentation, handmade techno, funk, polyrhythmic patterns, acid, weird noises and gospel music. Methodically prepared passages and improvisation combine into a coherent set, and Möbius deals with the energy on the fly. Failures and restarts are constant companions and sources of inspiration. At times, Möbius piles up loops of vocal-, trumpet- or guitar-sounds into a mighty drone whose gravity is interrupted abruptly by a driving beat or a gospel choir. It’s different every time.

Guido Möbius’ new solo album “a million magnets” will be be released mid May 2022, so this is a record release concert! Please come along and celebrate the new born record with him!

Guido Möbius / Itchy Spots / DJ Jens Balzer

Wednesday, 25.5.2022 | Doors 20:00 CET | Starts 21:00 CET
Arkaoda | Karl-Marx Platz 16 in 13347 Berlin

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