Gudrun Gut & Joachim Irmler and Barbara Morgenstern / Tuesday, 08.05.2018

A great double bill at the Museum for Kommunikation this May as part of their Oh Yeh! / Berlin Pop Women series where Gudrun Gut and Faust’s Joachim Irmler will reprise their recent project for Bureau B while Barbara Morgenstern will also play in anticipation of her new album on monika.

The notion that Jochen Irmler and Gudrun Gut would one day merge the best of their two worlds was never quite to be expected. We hear Irmler’s meandering, wistfully psychedelic organ sound, seeming to come from a different era. And we hear Gut’s reverb-laden, whispering, breathy voice as she sings: “Sonnenbrille auf, wir gehen zu den Sternen / Sonnenbrille ab, wir tauchen tief hinein” (in the track “Auf & Ab”).

If two such esteemed musicians as Jochen Irmler and Gudrun Gut not only declare their mutual trust, but also live it out within the framework of a co- production, as described with the example of their working method, the result is per se relevant, because it is a historical document. That it also sounds so incredibly inspired, of course, is a result of these coordinates, but by no meansself-evident. Why might it be so? Where does the magic of these recordings come from? Gudrun Gut: “I was constantly dizzy during production in Scheer. I asked Jochen why this could be. He replied, ‘We are 500 meters above sea level here’.” That immediately made sense to me, and at the same time explains the album title.

Three years after her previous English-language album “Sweet Silence”, Barbara Morgenstern is in possession of a marvellous new metaphor for a shining new principle for her work. The concept was actually a hint from Justus Köhncke, who appears on this pre-album EP “Beide” right with the very first track “Übermorgen” – thus forming a wonderfully bright double star with her. This vocal duet can truly be described as a physical phenomenon, which shall soon also accompany us in the ether, in other words: On the radio.

Nine more of these double star manifestations will follow later this summer on the “Doppelstern” LP, each of which originated in different studios, across continents and across neighborhoods. The mixes for all the tracks were completed by T.Raumschmiere, which brings high coherence to the most diverse of constellations. It holds together well – one might even say: Almost like a solar system.

Gudrun Gut & Joachim Irmler and Barbara Morgenstern LIVE

Tuesday 8th May 2018
Museum für Kommunikation Berlin | Leipziger Straße 16 | 10117 Berlin-Mitte | | Event @ Facebook

Image credit: Claudio Hils

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