Grand Jeté w/ Cristian Vogel, Anja Zaube, Mike Grinser and Michael Rosen at OHM Berlin / Thursday, 22.09.2016

Grand Jeté is a club music series at OHM, located in the industrial complex of Kraftwerk Berlin in the immediate vicinity of TRESOR. Started in 2014, this year’s Grand Jeté series again presents extraordinary electronic DJs and live acts on four Thursdays from June to October 2016.

The participating artists come from different musical backgrounds, however all performances at Grand Jeté have one thing in common: the exploration of rhythm and sound. A thrilling listening and dance event guaranteed.

Cristian Vogel‘s live presents productions going back to the start of the 1990s have woven their way into the fabric of underground culture. His own recent remasters of his early albums, and the Sub Rosa Classics 1993-1998 collections have shown just how potent his early work remains. But his new work exists in a very different world to those past works, and is far removed from the recent electronic generations who he has influenced too. In fact, as you listen to the new recording „The Assistenz“, you realise that there͛’s no point making comparisons with other electronic producers at all. While you will certainly hear some of the most fundamental and enduring vectors of underground music – dub, electro, acid, funk – flowing through the tracks, even those things are rebuilt from the molecular level, created completely afresh with new, precise, but somewhat skewed vision.

Anja Zaube‘s DJ-bio starts in 2000, when she began playing psytrance but quickly turned towards playing more and more techno. After playing different genres of electronic dance music, Anja͚’s sound turned darker and harder. Her interpretation of Techno is deep, bleak, but also industrial and experimental. That’s what makes her sound unique and what finally got her several bookings in Berghain already and made her a popular DJ in the Berlin Underground Techno Scene. After her first release in 2014 on the ://about blank sampler she also released her first own EP on the label HET, named Sylvan Structes EP, and is gonna release a lot more soon, starting with her own label which is gonna be launched in January 2016.

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Mike Grinser started spinning records in 1989, when club music was a mixture of various styles, electronic music like acid mixed with hiphop, funk and others. After 15 years of making music, excessive dj’ing and live gigs world wide, Mike felt the need to spend less time at clubs and airports and gain some academic knowledge in the field of recording art and audio mastering. In 2010 Tim and Mike joined forces and established Manmade Mastering KG a mastering and cutting studio based in Berlin, Kreuzberg. Mike soon established himself as a well respected mastering and cutting engineer and next to his every day studio work he started to share his knowledge as a lecturer for mastering at SAE, Berlin. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Michael Rosen was born in Transylvania, grew up in south Germany and is living in Berlin since 2004.
In 2008 he founded the independent cultural agency, Digital in Berlin, which curates, promotes and develops events concepts and concerts in Berlin and around the world. He co-directs the renowned MADEIRADiG Festival since 2008, and in 2012 he founded the MMiFF Film Festival – both taking place on the magical Atlantic island of Madeira. Besides that, he is a music enthusiast, DJ and has his own radio show.

This event is presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.

Grand Jeté w/ Cristian Vogel, Anja Zaube, Mike Grinser and Michael Rosen

Thursday, 22th September 2016 | 23:00 CET
OHM | Köpenicker Str. 70 | 10179 Berlin/Mitte | Event@Facebook



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