Picture: Gold Panda by Emerged Agency
Picture: Gold Panda by Emerged Agency

Gold Panda at Gretchen / Tuesday, 5.3.2024

Hailing from Chelmsford in Essex, Gold Panda started writing beats and collaborating in 2009, beginning a decade-long journey that has seen an award winning and zeitgeist-defining debut record, a nomadic follow up and a third record that found himself re-centering himself emotionally and musically via a spell in the far east. He recently released a new collection of songs “The Work”.

Having spent downtime behind the counters of various establishments of ill-repute, Gold Panda began life by consolidated the rest of his hours creating archives of electronic music. He poked his head into the world by way of a collection of instantaneously raved-about remixes, that quickly attracted the interest of various labels, blogs and taste makers, leading to requests for him to re-edit the likes of, Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco, Health and The Field.

In October 2010 Gold Panda released his debut album Lucky Shiner. A culmination of years of work spent refining his sui generis sound, the record was released to huge critical acclaim, culminating in the Guardian First Album award the following year. In June 2013 Gold Panda released his eagerly-awaited follow-up album ‘Half Of Where We Live’, further developing his take on emotionally infused, warm electronic music. Again the release was hailed by critics and the record-buying public alike, as he embarked on a huge North American tour to complement runs through Europe and two summers-worth of festival appearances.

A three-year gap followed before his third album Good Luck And Do Your Best which was inspired by a series of trips to Japan, and complimented by a visual project in collaboration with award winning photographer, Laura Lewis. Tracks like ‘In My Car’ have gone on to be the most successful of his acclaimed career so far.

After releasing music under the pseudonyms Softman and DJ Jenifa, Gold Panda returned in 2022 with ‘The Work’. The tracks are presented in a light-footed folktronica style that requires attentive listening to fully appreciate the depth of the work. ‘The Corner’ is a prime example of this, capturing a stable yet fragile attitude towards life with exceptional clarity. Recently, remixes of individual tracks from the album have been released, further emphasizing the beauty of Gold Panda’s music.

Gold Panda

Tuesday, 5.3.2024 | Doors 19:30 / Starts 20:30 CET
Gretchen | Obentrautstraße 19 -21 in 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg

gretchen-club.de | Event @ Facebook | Tickets
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