Angry Woman w/ Joanna Gemma Auguri, Hazel Iris, Anchoress, Aniqo at Zwölf Apostel Kirche / Friday, 8.3.2024

Joanna Gemma Auguri, Anchoress, Hazel Iris, and ANIQO were inspired by Andrea Juno’s 1996 book Angry Women in Rock when planning their concert evening at Schöneberg’s Zwölf Apostel Kirche. On the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, the artists, who lean towards dark pop, wave, and folk, are addressing female originality, which is both avant-garde and multifaceted.

It is also about anger (in the etymological sense of “embers blown with the mouth or fanned with a fan”); about the fact that the music business, and also the situation on “Mother Earth”, is still predominantly dominated by men. The artists know the power of connection and are pooling their energies on this concert evening to let them burn for the change of forces in this world. To this end, they will perform in the religious ambiance of the church, one of the largest patriarchal systems of order in the world. It is not without reason that they have transformed themselves into a joint image of Medusa for the concert announcement.

“Four angry women, unflinchingly proud of our anger at the patriarchal system that insists on driving the world into destruction. Together we stand up for each other and our art, pushing for a brighter future. The future is female. The future is now.”

Peter, Jacob, John, Bartholomew, Judas, as well as the seven other apostles and everyone else, are invited to the Twelve Apostles Church in Schöneberg on the 8th of March to shed their last patriarchal beliefs in a four-part mass and listen to the intense sounds of the four artists from the Berlin women’s collective Female Creators Space, founded in 2022.

Angry Woman w/ Joanna Gemma Auguri, Hazel Iris, Anchoress, Aniqo

Friday, 8.3.2024 | Doors 19:00 | Starts 20:00 CET
Zwölf Apostel Kirche | An der Apostelkirche 1 in 10783 Berlin | Event @ Facebook | Tickets
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