Monika Jarecka, spatial installation, exhibition “zweimalzwei” 2017, © Monika Jarecka

galerie weisser elefant x Digital in Berlin w/ Luciano Chessa and Lucio Capece | Saturday, 20.08.2022

For the opening of our galerie weisser elefant x Digital in Berlin sessions series, we have invited Italian artist, musician and composer Luciano Chessa and Argentinian musician and composer Lucio Capece.

For over thirty years, galerie weisser elefant has offered young, emerging artists a platform in the city’s most important gallery district, free of any commercial pressures. The public gallery organises site-specific solo exhibitions as well as thematic group exhibitions. This old brick building on Auguststraße in the heart of Berlin has exhibited spacious installations, photography and painting.

This year, the gallery is exploring how the accessibility and social sustainability of exhibition spaces can be enhanced, and how, through collective experience, interdisciplinary collaborations can contribute to such efforts. The association with Digital in Berlin is thus an attempt to forge diverse and constructive collaborations, across disciplines, throughout neighbourhoods to ensure that art and culture in the city, and beyond, maintain their vigour, their appeal, and their function.

In recent years Digital in Berlin has worked together with art institutions across the city and wider region — from Kunsthaus Dahlem and the Brücke Museum, to the Bärenzwinger im Köllnischen Park and Galerie Bernau in Brandenburg — to form lasting and fruitful partnerships, bringing together music, culture and the arts. We are looking forward to continuing in this mission with galerie weisser elefant. The collaboration forms part of the two-part project modular exhibition.

The gallery organizes site-specific solo exhibitions as well as thematic group exhibitions focusing on contemporary socio-political issues, artistic research, and spatial experiments. In cooperation with Jugend im Museum e.V., galerie weisser elefant offers educational programs for school and KiTa groups during exhibitions.

Luciano Chessa is a composer, conductor, audiovisual and performance artist, and music historian. His performance of “intensely visual scores” in a concert he curated for NYC’s Roulette last December, has been named “gripping” by The New York Times’ chief classical music critic Anthony Tommasini. Chessa’s compositions include Cromlech, a large organ piece he premiered in Melbourne’s Town Hall in May 2018 as part of a solo organ recital that received over 2,200 ticket bookings; the opera Cena oltranzista nel castelletto al lago—a work merging experimental theater with reality TV which required from the cast over 55 hours of fasting—and A Heavenly Act, an opera commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, with original video by Kalup Linzy.

Lucio Capece is a Berlin-based Argentinian musician. As well as his solo work as an Electroacoustic music composer and perceptual Sound Artist, Capece has been active as a Bass Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone player, collaborating in the areas of Free Improvisation and Minimal music interpretation for more than two decades, having over 30 releases on his name. he has colaborated with Musicians Like Mika Vainio, Vladislav Delay, Kevin Drumm, Olivia Block, Rasha Ragab and Katie Porter, among many others. With releases in labels like Editions Mego, Pan, Erstwhile and Mode. Here is his piece from 2021, released by Entr´acte and Stellage, Epimoric Tide.

galerie weisser elefant | Auguststraße 21 in 10117 Berlin Mitte

Tue—Fri: 11—19 h | Sat: 13 — 19 h

Saturday, 20.08.22
galerie weisser elefant x Digital in Belin w/ Luciano Chessa and Lucio Capece.
18:00 | Doors
19:00 | Show 1
20:00 | Show 2
DJ-Set > 22:00 End / Free entry
Saturday, 24.09.22
galerie weisser elefant x Digital in Belin w/ Judith Hamann and LottieSebes (Veritas Ventriloquist).
18:00 | Doors
19:00 | Show 1
20:00 | Show 2
Free entry
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