Photo Credit: Reindorf
Photo Credit: Reindorf

“Funky” Rob & Flammer Dance Band at Urban Spree / Tuesday, 17.1.2023

We’re stoked about the return of the wild & enigmatic Ghanaian legend Rob. Born in 1949, Robert Roy Reindorf released two influential albums on the classic Essiebons label in the 1970es, “Funky Rob Way” (1977) and “Make It Fast, Make It Slow” (1978), which are absolute staples of the Afro beat-genre. Namely, the iconic title track of the latter record has been reissued and sampled many many times – among others, the J Dilla took his stab at it.

Rob’s first tour ever in 2019 was a ball: The flamboyant singer actuated his cast of musicians through restless sets of two hours or more, relentlessly preaching Funk the Ghanaian way, before letting the whole affair collapse in a hoarse scream: “Do you want more?”

After a long pandemic break, we are so glad to have this enormous entertainer back, accompanied by one of Europe’s best Afro funk outfits: Oslo’s Flammer Dance Band is a heavy Afro psychedelic outfit run by a bunch of former breakdancers who, years ago, have been perfecting their moves by rocking and popping to Rob’s Afro funk. For them, this collaboration is a dream come true. The energetic 7 piece is all about vintage synths, space out effects, hip shaking grooves, and headbanging breaks! Tight ass rhythm, and quality musicianship, with the freedom, spontaneity and energy of a jam band.

Brass Riot are Berlin’s latest musical sensation. This trio of millennial acitvists only requires a drum kit and two saxophones to wreck any club or festival: Their music comes from the streets, from their humble beginnings of basking the streets to Lüneburg to becoming Fridays For Future’s unofficial house band, rocking 300.000 protesters on the meadow in front of Reichstag. Their debut album will drop later in 2023 on Fun In The Church.

Jimmy Trash will round up the evening on the 1’s and the 2’s: He is an Australian in Berlin, a writer, music collector, film director, promoter and general jack of all trades / renaissance man.

“Funky” Rob & Flammer Dance Band, Brass Riot & DJ Jimmy Trash

Tuesday, 17.1.2023
Urban Spree | Revaler Strasse 99 in 10245 Berlin

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