D/B Recommended: Francois & the Atlas Mountains @ Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin | Thursday, 16.02.2012

Dividing a vinyl record between a Sea Side and River Side betrays an obvious feeling for all things liquid.

On his last album, Plaine inondable (2009), Fránçois sung “Be Water”, a delicious and watery song backed up by a secret Basque choir. As frank as the smile given by Jean-Pierre Léaud at the very end of 400 Hundred Blows when he arrives at the sea for the first time, Fránçois’ music confronts reality and the elements which surround it lightly.

Being the first Domino French signing, Fránçois and The Atlas Mountains are ready to spread their wings over indie pop’s vast international landscape. With vivid looks and a slender body, Fránçois builds up castles in Saintonge with Moroccan mountains, British phlegm and sturdy friendships.

Francois & the Atlas Mountains | Royan

After seven years of passionate gigs and road trips across Europe, Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains convey a magnetic presence on stage. A deep sense of lightness and sincerity sets in as voices, keyboards and African percussion blend in an instant pop.

Written between Bristol, Bordeaux and Saintes and weathered on the road and polished in Dakar, the songs on the new album reflect a strong bond between the band’s members and their relatives. Recorded live in an old wooden dance hall of Saintonge, the backbone of these tracks stresses the instinctive nature of the recording.

Francois & the Atlas Mountains  LIVE

Thursday, 16 February 2012 | 20:00 CET
Festsaal Kreuzberg | Skalitzer Str. 130 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

myspace.com/francoisinbristol | festsaal-kreuzberg.de