FLORA (Varg & AnnaMelina) & Oli XL – Live in 4DSOUND at MONOM / Thursday, 17.5.2018

On May 17th, MONOM welcomes FLORA (Varg and AnnaMelina) and Oli XL to present their unique commissioned spatial sound compositions developed during their residencies at Berlin’s Center for Spatial Sound. Each work will be composed for the 4DSOUND system housed in MONOM’s spatial sound studio, of which there currently are only two of its kind in the world.

The performances will be followed by DJ sets in the MONOM bar till the wee hours.

The world of FLORA is an expanse of terrain cultivated for experimentation both serene and unrestrained. Between the dizzying artefacts of pop that spiral into new forms and functions, and the catalysing approaches to sound that new music modes solicit, FLORA cleaves the familiar to refit the new. Shifting our centre of gravity, may we fall into the world ever further and with the grace of difference.

FLORA is the collaborative alliance of Melina Åkerman Kvie (AnnaMelina) and Jonas Rönnberg (Varg), two Swedish artists whose works seemingly divert from one another at the surface. Kvie, finding acclaim for her crimson electronics and lusty songwriting, and Rönnberg, who continually shepherds unknown forces into an ever greater constellation of techno wares and more, manage to find a tender footing in their respective modes and methods.

With an impressive sensitivity to the breadth of each other’s practices, FLORA blooms with the vigorous intent of Rönnberg’s underground activity and the sublime, love‐tripped longing of Kvie’s tonic pop. This was first captured on the collaborative track ‘Blue Line (112 Rådhuset)’ which appeared on Nordic Flora Series Pt.3: Gore‐Tex City, Rönnberg’s album of refigured formulas for the dancefloor mediated by experimental liaisons.

As a truly adaptive collaboration, neither artist reprises the roles that their previous works may point to. FLORA acts a container for a pact, with both Rönnberg and Kvie directing and developing from each and all aspects. Following their Berlin Atonal 2017 performance, the shifting platforms of FLORA have steadied just enough that the project stretches out to welcome further guests such as Ecco2k.

Oli XL is a producer, visual artist and the head of Stockholm­ based label W – I. After pervading the top of the experimental club music scene with a range of alter egos, he released his EP “Tracer Wanz”, mutating his inspirations in jungle, ambient and dubstep into lonely agitations of dance music.

As the head of his label W ­- I he has explored new ways to release physical music with his innovative Relic­ project – scavenging parts from cheap consumer electronics and planting them in 3d­-printed shapes he released the EP “Location” by Celyn June as sculptures that second as music players, with audio jacks and play buttons placed on the surface. Most recently he appeared on berlin label PAN’s now critically acclaimed ambient compilation album “Mono no Aware”, among artists like Yves Tumor, Sky H1 and M.E.S.H.

FLORA (Varg & AnnaMelina) & Oli XL – Live in 4DSOUND

17.5.2018 | Doors 19:30 CET | Starts 21:00 CET
MONOM | Nalepastraße 18 | Berlin

www.monomsound.com | Event @ Facebook

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