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Farfara, Ej Bekot, Islandman, Et Kin at Antje Öklesund / Friday, 08.05.2015

Farfara are a three-piece originating from Istanbul, who have been playing together since their early teenage years. A host of bedroom recordings, live shows and an unquenchable thirst for improvisation has seen the band develop from their early days of shoegaze and ambient rock to a more psychedelic kraut-driven sound.

Ethereal guitar effects mix with drums, bass and synths to create an all-encompassing, visceral experience. With guitarist and vocalist, Etkin Cekin now based in Berlin and heavily active in the experimental music scene, the band has taken a further step in their evolutionary journey.


When Ej Bekot go on stage it is possible that they stay there for four hours. Interwoven in sounds, lost and found in repetitive phrases and rhythms, carefully deconstructing and reconstructing their songs. It is also possibly that the audience will perceive this as a mere half hour of bliss, a massage for the mind, meditation-like, drifting into sound.

An Ej Bekot concert is like an virtual visit to a 1970s youth center where joints are passed around and the flokatis aren’t that white anymore. Because Ej Bekot is a kraut-rock-trio. By every trick in the book.

The allocation of instruments is floating, a constant experiment between cacophony and euphony, executed under disintegration of all structures. Ej Bekot are highs and lows, softs and hards, lethargic and hypnotic.

Waves of energy are swashing  back and fourth between the musicians are are eventually flooding the audience. One of the city’s most exciting experimental bands right now!

Farfara and Ej Bekot are supported by Tolga Böyük aka Islandman and Et Kin.

Farfara, Ej Bekot, Islandman, Et Kin

Friday, 08th May 2015 | 21:00 CET
Antje Öklesund | Rigaer Str. 71 – 73 | 10247 Berlin/Friedrichshain

farfara.bandcamp.com | ejbekot.com | soundcloud.com/tolgabuyuk | soundcloud.com/etkincekin | antjeoeklesund.de


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