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Evil Moisture, (sic), Martins Rokis, Ultraspießer at NK Berlin / Saturday, 29.11.2014

Andy Bolus aka Evil Moisture makes modified electronic toys, rewiring circuits such as those found inside children’s talking computers and other electronic detritus, using the aleatoric sounds generated as source material for hi-speed cutup sound, as well as making installations.

“Evil Moisture live is death by drowning. The sound fills your lungs and you just don’t want to go on anymore. The members are all highly good-looking, so to attend their show is like reading an entire Harlequin Romance in 45 minutes, one of the bad ones your mother puts on the high shelf. Also, spooky.”  Lisa Carver


(sic) is one of the most insane projects of the History of Experimental Music in Mexico. How many duos of extreme vocalists we know from all over the world, who are composing as profound savages, possessed by rituals from the cave, but with the conscious of silence and meditation?

In this sense, Ambriz and Bonequi merge primigenius intuition as a concept of uniqueness from spaceship earth parked on the devastating psychological impact of amoral landscapes… reconstructed face cuts of whom invoke timeless miniatures from the instability of gesture… primitive humanoids shouting freedom with no-language dialects while trembling and convulsing mouth noises from antique nonexistent rites.


Martins Rokis from Riga has been experimenting with various forms of electronic music since the late 90’s, but while studying philosophy and delving into sound programming his focus gradually shifted away from musical aspects of sound more towards experiential relationships between sound, space and body and multimodality of human perception.

Currently he is working with sound and visuals in different contexts, forms, crossing boundaries between so-called computer music, psychedelic noise and abstract sound art, blending generative strategies with improvisation and also occasionally making sound installations or works for multichannel systems.


Berlin based outfit Ultraspießer reformed after two of the original members moved to other parts of the globe. The new lineup features: Julian Percy (guitar treatments), Yvan Volochine (electronics), Steve Heather (percussion, electronics).

This event is presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.

Evil Moisture, (sic), Martins Rokis, Ultraspießer

Saturday, 29th November 2014 | 20:30 CET
NK Projekt | Elsenstr. 52 | 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 | 12059 Berlin Neukölln

evilmoisture.free.fr | martinsrokis.com | nkprojekt.de


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