Donna Regina at 33RPM Records Berlin / Saturday, 29.11.2014

Following the release of their excellent new album Holding The Mirror For Sophia Loren on Karaoke Kalk earlier in the year, the husband and wife duo Donna Regina come to the wonderful 33RPM Record Store in Kreuzberg this month for a special intimate instore concert. Karaoke Kalk label boss DJ Strobocop will deliver a DJ set all of which makes for a perfect Saturday afternoons entertainment.


Holding The Mirror For Sophia Loren is Donna Regina’s 7th album on Karaoke Kalk and over their many releases the band has clearly perfected the electronic pop format. Their latest offering is packed full of delightful nuances both in the lyrical content and the production as well as in the arrangements. For the first time in their production history they let somebody else do the mixes, Polish musician Michal Jacaszek who also co – produced the album.


They met him while they were touring in Poland and liked his work a lot. He later released on Miasmah, Gusstaff and Ghostly International and of course he adds a completely different – his personal – touch to the production. All told, this is a powerful collection of songs which once again demonstrates Donna Regina’s enormous appeal.

Donna Regina LIVE
DJ Strobocop

Saturday, 29th November 2014 | 15:00 CET
33RPM | Wrangelstrasse 95 | 10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg |

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