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D/B Recommended: Murcof, Oval, Rechenzentrum @ Berghain | 16.12.2010

This weeks’ electro-acoustic salon at Berghain features three pioneers of “a possible different music”.  Fernando Corona a.k.a. Murcof from Tijuana, Mexico, builds his works on the basis of samples of classical music as in his much acclaimed “Versailles Sessions”.

[audio:03 Riffifi.mp3]Both Oval (Markus Popp) as well as Rechenzentrum (featuring Hilary Jeffery) express mathematical and programming processes in installations and performances who understand sound and picture as equal complementaries.

On September 7th, Thrill Jockey released Oval’s new 70-track double-album, O. The album comes in 4 different covers, and Oval is slated to play some rare performances in support of the new record in Europe, Japan, and North America.

Popp, who lives and works in Berlin, took some time between his last release under the moniker SO and the “Oh” EP because he wanted the new material to be a radical departure from his old concepts and methods on all levels, to essentially be a second “debut” album.

For “O” Popp’s creative process shares nothing with his creative process for prior Oval albums. Previously, Popp focused on the creation of the programs that would process sound and effectively create the music.

Murcof‘s music is sparse, minimalist, sample-based electronica. Although founded on abstract, glitchy, sometimes complex electronic percussion, Corona’s recordings are more melodic and traditionally structured than many contemporary electronic musicians. Many recordings feature orchestral strings sampled from recordings of works by modern composers such as Arvo Pärt.

Formed at the Documenta’97 exhibition, Rechenzentrum search for new processes of music/moving image production, while refining forms of presentation which create on-stage dialogue between audio and video. At the outset of Rechenzentrum we decided and defined our project as a “band” in which audio and video are equally important; we use video as an instrument, and we treat music visually.


Murcof, Oval, Rechenzentrum & Hilary Jeffery LIVE
@ Elektroakustischer Salon

Thursday, 16.12.2010 | 20:00 CET
Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

http://www.murcof.com | www.weisermusic.com | www.berghain.de