D/B ALBUM FEATURE: EFTERKLANG / New Tour Dates & live in Berlin | Saturday, 08.05.2010 @ Astra Kulturhaus

Ever heard of Efterklang? Efterklang [ε f t ∂ k l a η ], 1) danish word for “remembrance” or “reverberation”. 2) indie music group from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 2000.
[audio:01 – modern drift.mp3] Rarely, a band name has been more suitable: Whenever and wherever you hear Efterklang’s music, suddenly a wide space opens up right in front of you, or, perhaps, you’d better say: around you. It’s all about friendship, childhood and happiness and the never ebbing source of this trias. Casper Clausens’s bright voice and the way he’s beating his harlekin-style-painted drums is, somehow, an invitation to tap this precious source by recalling the past, whenever you need it.

Modern Drift by Efterklang

Efterklang are: the five core members Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Thomas Husmer, Rune Mølgaard and Rasmus Stolberg. When performing live, the core five-piece band is complemented with the addition of violinist/singer Peter Broderick, trombonist/singer Niklas Antonson, pianist/singer Anna Brønsted and guitarist/singer Frederik Teige.

In addition to their new album “Magic Chairs”, which appeared in february on 4 AD, Efterklang and the label have made a great gift for their present and future fans: the 4 AD session video tears us immediately in this very special Efterklang universe: a circle of music playing friends, surrounding a center of warm light giving lamps / perhaps the 2010 version of what you call „Lagerfeuerromantik“ in German. Anyway, what comes to your mind when you attend this video, is:  Nothing can keep these people from the power of peace.

Klick at the picture for the session video

Before they joined the 4 AD label, they’ve released albums on the British/American record label The Leaf Label, but also have their own record label called Rumraket, which is Danish and means “space rocket”. So far the Rumraket roster includes Grizzly Bear, amiina, Cacoy, Erik Levander, Kama Aina, Slaraffenland, Taxi Taxi!, and Canon Blue.

Magic Chairs / 3rd album artwork by Hvass&Hannibal

Efterklang has a history of working with many guest musicians on their recordings. Filmmaker Karim Ghahwagi can also be found among their key contributors, having made several visuals for their live shows from 2003 to 2005 as well as the video for “Swarming.” Another key contributor is Nan Na Hvass, the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed artwork for One-Sided LP, Under Giant Trees, Parades, and the Mirador video (Oct. 2007).

Efterklang will be touring right now! Check the tour dates here.

Efterklang  LIVE
Saturday / 08.05.2010
Astra Kulturhaus / Revaler Str. 99 / 10245 Berlin