D/B Recommended: Diogenes FREE 2010 staff compilation| Download

Diogenes curated an exclusive compilation of some of the best stuff they liked during the year. It is available here for FREE until the 10th of January for you to discover some of our major digital releases of 2010.

[audio:Islaja – Joku toi radion.mp3]The Xmas compilation includes labels such as Fonal, Digitalis, Vital or Miatera and artists like L.A.F.M.S., Rhys Chatham, Islaja, Daniel Menche or Kemialliset Ystävät.

Electronica, drone, folk, ambient, dubstep, everyone will find something that suits his taste and discover new tunes.

Diogenes is a London-based small and dedicated digital “hub” for experimental and underground music labels. Its aim is to guide the entrance into the online marketplace and enable the legal access to specific genres and labels across the world.