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D/B Recommended: Sunday Funday #2 w/ Dent May & Slow Steve @ Monarch Berlin | Sunday, 10.11.2013

After the success of last years inaugural edition, which featured Mac DeMarco and Each Other, Puschen and Shameless/Limitless have teamed up for Sunday Fun Day Volume 2, a relaxed afternoon of good tunes, tasty treats and hard chilling at Monarch.
D/B Recommended: Dent May & Slow Steve @ Monarch Berlin | Sunday, 10.11.2013
Merrymaker Dent May will headline, offering up smooth 70s AM gold pulled from Warm Blanket, his latest release for Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label.

Pitchfork probably say it best: “Dent May’s songs really work in the context of his label, Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks. He comes off as the inverse of lablemate Ariel Pink’s narcotic AM kaleidoscopes: a button-up, FM-obsessive who just has his shit a little more together.

Dent May | Best Friend

In the context of a boutique label like Paw Tracks – with Black Dice, Eric Copeland, and Excepter on the roster – May is the palate cleanser, the fresh drink of sweet lemonade after a cocktail of Campari and motor oil.

Maybe at Paw Tracks luncheons he’s the odd man out, where the other noiseniks are sharing an experimental demo tape recorded with a vintage arpeggiator in a large field, Dent May is pacing around humming a pop melody with his hands in his pockets, thinking about where he last had his keys.”

Dent May | I’m An Alcoholic

Supporting act is Slow Steve. Leila Morrissey will be on hand, offering up Swedish deep tissue massages at affordable rates.

Victoria G-l, of beloved Berlin blog Pretty Neukoelln, will supply tasty treats, including rocky roads, rice crispy cakes and fridge cakes. Get em while they’re hot.

This event starts at 4 pm in the afternoon!!

Dent May & Slow Steve  LIVE
presented by Puschen & Shameless/Limitless

Sunday, 10 November 2013 | 16:00 CET
Monarch | Skalitzer Str. 134 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

dentmay.com | slowsteve.bandcamp.com | kottimonarch.de