D/B Recommended: DENSEHALL with Kangding Ray & Byetone & Loops Haunt @ CHEZ JACKI Berlin | Saturday, 08.01.2011

This time our friends from DENSE invited some of Raster Noton’s finest musicians. Kangding ray’s music reflects his wide musical background, and a particular way of merging beats and textured soundscapes into slowly evolving compositions.

[audio:Kangding Ray – pruitt igoe (ben frost demolition).mp3]KR combines machines with « real instruments » in a subtle and rythmic suite, integrating digital anomalies, walls of distortion, massive bass lines, micro-noises, voices and field recordings to create tracks that sit right between noise-pop, dubstep and experimental music.

His live performances are intense moments of musical experimentations, mixing different layers of instruments, using analog synthesizers, drum pads or guitars. KR performs solo, or together with his « band » mates : Yacine Djeradi is playing the E-Drums, and Loic Lebouteiller is turning the knobs on a Waldorf Pulse, a Microwave XT and an Access Virus.

Kangding Ray | Konstruktiv (Automne Fold, 2008)

Beside the management of raster-noton BYETONE is responsible for graphic design and public appearance of the label. additionally bender performs solo under the pseudonym byetone. bender creates his music digitally.

He assembles sine tones to complex sound fabrics. digital clicks and effect plug-ins are essential to create the rhythms. All this is brought in a timely relation and so a track is born, an artificial world without any physical effort.

Byetone aka Olaf Bender

Loops Haunt from Galsgow must be crazy. or a genius. most likely he is both at the same time… only 24 years old, he throws a sound at his audience, that combines basslines a la Milanese with beats so dope, that they could be coming fresh out of Madlib’s MPC!

And still manages to achieve an musical eclecticism worth of a Frank Zappa. But still he is a logical extension of the new UK Bass Music sound from his home country Scotland, which, with the help of the innovaters behind the Numbers label, changed the dancefloors around Europe in 2010.

Loops Haunt | Impact Omnihammer

Loops already played with all the big ones from Aphex Twin to Autechre and was even on the road with 65daysofstatic as their support act on their last tour.


with Kangding Ray, Bytetone, Loops Haunt, DISSCOXX & JADE MONKEY

Saturday, 08 January 2010 | 22:00 CET
Jacki Terrasse / Maria | An der Schillingbrücke| 10243 Berlin

www.jackiterrasse.com | www.dense-shop.de | http://www.raster-noton.net