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D/B Presents: Denovali Swingfest 2013 / Night 1 & 2 @ WeststadtHalle Essen | Thursday, 03.10. & Friday, 04.10.2013

Since 2007 Denovali curates and organizes an international music festival called Denovali Swingfest.
D/B Presents: Denovali Swingfest 2013 / Day 1 & 2 @ WeststadtHalle Essen | Thursday, 03.10. - Saturday, 05.10.2013
The first editions took place in Essen, Germany – since 2013 Denovali presents similar events in London and Berlin.

Focussed on various forms of experimental and adventurous music the lineup offers a wonderful opportunity to discover a wide range of international Denovali artists live and is rounded off by various renowned non-label guest artists.

Denovali Swingfest | Trailer

A hallmark of the festival is the renunciation of the headliner principle: all artists are receiving the same attention – the length of each artist’s concert is equal.

In addition to the musical program the festival features yearly changing specials like an experimental film cinema, installations or lectures.

Piano Interrupted | Papa Hedi

The 2013 lineup for thursday and friday:

Thursday – October 3th
Carlos Cipa (ger) + Sophia Jani (ger)
Influenced by Eric Satie and Claude Debussy his piano music impresses particularly because of its intensity and great attention to detail. Cipa will play together with guest musician Sophia Jani on violin and piano.

Thursday – October 3th
Piano Interrupted (uk): “There are nods to minimalism, film scores and cinematic soundscapes, glitch and ambient, post-rock, neo-classical piano and jazz…”

Biosphere | Hyperborea

Friday – October 4th | 00:00
Biosphere (no): Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen, a Norwegian musician who has released a notable catalogue of ambient electronic music. He is well known for his “ambient techno” and “arctic ambient” styles, his use of music loops, and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources.

Friday – October 4th | 22:30
Celeste (fra): With their new record, they again created a new level of denseness in sound – and that’s maybe the reason why they found so many new fans in several genres in the past 4 years. From black metal to sludge, from doom to posthardcore – the people love them because they’re not copying other bands – they’re creating their own dark soundscapes with every new record.

Celeste | De Sorte Que Plus Jamais …

Friday – October 4th | 21:00
Saffronkeira (it) + Mario Massa (it): The italian researcher of the possibility of expression offered by currently available technology in a special performance accompanied by the trumpet player Mario Massa.

Friday – October 4th | 19:30
Deaf Center (no): In 2005 Deaf Center left an indelible impression on the cinematic / modern-classical / dark ambient scenes with the release of their classic first LP – ‘Pale Ravine’. For the next chapter of their story the mysterious imagery is rendered even sharper, as though someone on the inside wiped a palm on the window of their haunted cabin in the woods, peering into the murk to find their melodic silhouettes and tonal shadows transformed from charcoal sketches into lucid dreams with an earthy clarity.

Deaf Center | Thread

Friday – October 4th | 18:00
Lento (it): Darkness, despair, brutality – these are the coordinates between which the Italian formation LENTO, with the help of down tuned guitars, versatile riffing, intricate rhythms and exhausting slowness, builds a massive wall of sound. Playful noise offshoots, as well as ambient-like passages that repeatedly appear seamlessly between all the brutality, serve as moments of arousing from this sonorous hypnosis.

Friday – October 4th | 16:30
Barn Owl (usa): San Francisco-based drone duo Barn Owl follow in the footsteps of provocative avant-gardists Alice Coltrane and Keiji Haino, while building on the doom metal foundation planted by Black Sabbath. In 2013 the duo returns with fifth proper album V, which expanded their sound to include subtle drum machines and electronics.

Troum | Usque Sumus Lux

Friday – October 4th | 15:00
Troum (ger): TROUM is the old german word for “DREAM”. The dream seen as a central manifestation of the unconscious symbolizes the aim of TROUM to lead the listener into a hypnotizing dream-state of mind, a pre-verbal and primal consciousness sphere.

TROUM uses music as the direct path to the Unconscious, pointing to the archaic “essence” of the humans inner psyche. TROUM tries to create music that works like a direct transformation of unconscious matter.

This event is highly recommended by Digital in Berlin! We are giving away 3 x 2 tickets for the opening night with Carlos Cipa, Sophia Jani & Piano Interrupted. Just send a mail to win@digitalinberlin.de with “Swingfest Essen 2013” as the subject.

Denovali Swingfest Essen 2013 | 1st and 2nd night
w/ Carlos Cipa, Sophia Jani, Piano Interrupted, Biosphere, Celeste, Saffronkeira, Mario Massa, Deaf Center, Lento, Barn Owl & Troum  LIVE
presented by D/B

Thursday, 03 October & Friday, 04 October 2013 | 19:15 CET (Thursday) & 15:00 CET (Friday)
WeststadtHalle | Thea-Leymann-Str. 23 | 45127 Essen/Westviertel