D/B Recommended: Deaf Wish @ Kastanienkeller Berlin | Friday, 29.04.2011

Deaf Wish have certainly taken the conventional trajectory of a band and brutalised it.

[audio:Deaf Wish – smash.mp3]They began one weekend in Melbourne, Australia, wrote, recorded and played their first show in days that could be counted on one grimy hand. After that was nailed and the CD sold in vomit bags, they disbanded after their next show when the guitarist left.

Recruiting a new guitarist, their punk sound was sharpened with a ferocity and anger. Reality & Visions (2009) was released and quickly secured them a following in Australia and the States. A year later, the original guitarist returned and Mercy was recorded. More tame then the unleashed beast of the second album, but still executing a perfected balance of structure, melody and noise. And the feedback always remains.

Their sound across their three albums varies intensely, yet always maintaining in abundance the Deaf Wish shambolic psyche. Simple melancholic drums and the soft buzz of noise are the backing for some very heartfelt tracks. Then the sadness is skinned alive as they launch into furious guitars, with all restraints shaken off and slam you vocals possessing a frightening aggression.

Deaf Wish | Broken Eye LIVE

After supporting Dinosaur Jr on their Australian tour, the bassist then relocated to the opposite side of the country and Deaf Wish again fractured. Confusing? Well they may not play Australia anymore, but they do tour Europe.

With 21 dates across Europe, April 29 they will play a notoriously full-throttle live show at Kastanienkeller. Long live Deaf Wish.


Deaf Wish LIVE

29.04.2011 | 22:00 CET
Kastanienkeller |Oranienburger Str. 67 | 13437 Berlin/Kreuzberg