Das Grosse Tannenbaum Waldfest @ Fort Gorgast | Friday 11.07. – Sunday 13.07.2014

Neuköllns finest O Tannenbaum invite you to leave the capital and head for the Polish border for a special Tannenbaum-style festival experience. With live shows by many D/B faves such as Ill Till, Chris Imler and NMO to name but a few, the big Waldfest features a host of live acts and DJs. Situated in the unique location of the abandoned Fort Gorgast this is definately one of the highlights of the summer.

Patric Catani got involved with electronic music after discovering the computer game music of the Commodore64 games, Bomb the Bass (Beat Dis), Public Enemy and other Electronic, Dance + Rap music of the mid- late 80s. After a passionate time of ripping his favourite music out of games, he moved on with using the old homecomputers for programming and sequencing his own sounds.


You can think of Chris Imler as a Berlin based drum legend! He played drums for Peaches, Golden Showers, Puppetmastaz, Patric Catani and so many others! This is his solo-debut-album, produced by Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM). Imagine Alan Vega, DAF, Silver Apples, Hasil Adkins and Joe Meek being played and performed by one person! The Album is called “NERVÖS” (Nervous)… one thing’s for sure: It will make you nervous in its very own way!


Strict exotic pattern oriented unit. North European Morten J. Olsen and South European Rubén Patiño make a sort of military space techno which blends acoustic and computer generated sounds while exploring repetitive structures and sound spatialisation.

[vimeo 77230030 w=620&h=300]

48 hours of camping in the wild, juicy ticks, rusty stakes, ghetto beats, forest sounds, down home BBQ and what not. We want to invite you to join the very first Tannenbaum Waldfest festival in the weekend of 11-13 July.

Fortluft neu

It’s in and around an amazing fortress with 2 outdoor dance/live floors, 1 indoor floor with live music, there’s free camping, food hosted by Shige Ishihara, Congierge Weetr and the O Tannenbaum Catering crew, art performances and a big line up.

Das Grosse Tannenbaum Waldfest

LIVE Monopoly Child Star Searchers Harry Merry LEM Ill Till Chris Imler NMO Sun Worship Mirror Talk Clockwork Orchestra Ignatz en de Stervende Honden Orphan Fairytale Bear Bones, Lay Low Lieven Moana Nui Innercity Wizard Ashdod Novoline Minister President Mattlack vs C.Comberti Phil & Monica D.I.Y. Church Viola Torros The New Silence Nemesis plus DJs, catering, camping and more

Friday, 11th – Sunday 13th July 2014
Fort Gorgast Haus 3 | 15328 Gorgast| Brandenburg, Germany

o-tannenbaum-berlin.defort-gorgast.de | event @ facebook