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Daniel Rossen at Passionskirche / Sunday, 08.05.2033

Following the release of his fantastic debut album You Belong There on Warp, Daniel Rossen comes to Berlin for a special live concert at the Passionskirche in Kreuzberg this May.

Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen finally hits out alone on ‘You Belong There’, exploring the “uncharted territory of adulthood” via prog-folk compositions that highlight his confident vocals and knotty, multilayered guitars. RIYL Big Thief, Dirty Projectors, Fleet Foxes.

It’s surprising that Rossen has taken this long to assemble his debut full-length. ‘You Belong There’ is an amply large-format album that picks up where 2017’s “Painted Ruins” left off; Rossen’s well-read fusion of US folk, heady prog and engineering nous is still at the center of his craft.

‘You Belong There’ is a more mature proposition though; the jangling guitars and earnest vocals are cut with a self-aware sense of impending doom. On the album’s title track, ominous strings and jazzy percussion simmer beneath Rossen’s questioning vocals; it’s only a short interlude, but injects the album with dreamlike thematic weight. ‘Unpeopled Space’ and ‘Shadow in the Frame’ are more trad – almost classic rock jukebox soundalikes, elevated by smart lyrical touches and a musicality that sets Rossen apart from many of his contemporaries.

Daniel Rossen LIVE

Sunday, 8th May 2022 | 20:00 CET
Passionskirche | Marheinekeplatz 1 | 10961 Berlin/Kreuzberg

Tickets | akanthus.de | Event @ Facebook


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