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D/B Recommended: Damo Suzuki with Drum Eyes @ Friedenskirche Berlin | Sunday, 16.06.2013

As part of his never-ending-world-tour, the former “Can” singer Damo Suzuki returns to the Friedenskirche Charlottenburg with free improvisations and psychedelic rock.

Always chosing a different support band depending on where he is playing, this time Suzuki will be accompanied by Brighton-based Japanese chiptune-gabba producer DJ Scotch Egg’s band project, Drum Eyes.

Anyone who is a fan of space rock or krautrock has most certainly heard of Damo Suzuki. Besides lending his unique vocal talents to four classic albums by legendary german avant-rockers Can, Damo has continued to be busy through the 1990’s to the present, performing with numerous musicans and bands, all part of what he calls Damo Suzuki’s Network.

Damo Suzuki | Live in Birmingham (interview)

This loose conglomeration of performers is centered around Damo Suzuki and consists of artists from all around the world. Functioning as a shaman-like axis, Damo Suzuki guides his ‘sound carriers’ through unrehearsed, experimental sonic voyages.

“I’m not so much interested in anything in particular, that’s why I’m singing about nothing.” Damo’s words may not sound exactly like English or German or Japanese or French but they impart meaning to everyone, regardless of mother tongue.

Drum Eyes | Gyanza

DRUM EYES are DJ Scotch Egg’s drum thunder worship gang. Experts at whipping up a hypnotic maelstrom of tribal drumming trip-outs infused with sludgy doom and weird electronics. It makes a lot of sense that Eda – originally from the Boredoms – is a member of Drum Eyes, as the songs can twist 180 degrees and sound equally as beamed-in from some alien kingdom, taking the weirdest parts of Krautrock and hurling punk-synth, crushing walls of ambience and 8-bit frazzle into the mix with relish.

DJ Scotch Egg began forcing Game Boys to make the most unholy music for a variety of labels like Adaadat and Wrong Music, then with last year’s transition album entitled ‘Drumized’ for Load Records – home of Lightning Bolt, Sightings, Brainbombs etc. – Shige began experimenting with live instrumentation. With Drum Eyes as a five-piece band, he has finally realised the full extent of his intent.

Damo Suzuki with Drum Eyes  LIVE

Sunday, 16 June 2013 | 20:00 CET
Friedenskirche | Bismarckstraße 40 | 10627 Berlin/ Charlottenburg

damosuzuki.com | upsettherhythm.co.uk/drumeyes  | die-friedenskirche.de