Cosmo Rhythmatic at Berghain / Thursday, 12.04.2018

Cosmo Rhythmatic is a Berlin-based label curated by Shapednoise with the collaboration of Ascion and D. Carbone. This April at Säule, they will showcase the next up-and-coming wave that embodies the abstract, noisy, and organic side of REPITCH Recordings.

die Angel is Ilpo Väisänen (Pan sonic, I-LP-O IN DUB) and Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM, A S S, Locust Fudge) who have played time-transcending freeform sound, weightlessness, and the gravity of electromagnetic signals together since 1999.

The title for their first release on Cosmo Rhythmatic, ‘Entropien I’, comes from the Finnish word and the German plural for ‘entropy’, a quantity generally described as the measure of disorder within any kind of thermodynamic system, including the universe. It accounts for the microscopic states that a system can assume when open, interacting with others or getting altered by external conditions.

Getting back to the stripped down set of their beginnings (modular synths, effects, and processed guitar), they’ve come out with one of their rawest, noisiest, and most intense albums to date, showcasing an impressive scale of dynamics while attacking the senses with belligerent tones. Oren Ambarchi is featured on two tracks, intertwining his drums, field recordings, and guitar within the duo’s discordant layers.

Allowing energy to flow freely through machines, bodies and different acoustic conditions, they’ve generated a powerful archive of mutating sonic states — a creative attitude that favors exploring the physical complexity of unstructured electronics.

Shapednoise is a speaker-ripping electronics/noise techno producer based in Berlin. Blindly exploring the shadows of different selves, Nino Pedone lives up to his artist name: the Sicilian producer sculpts sheets of noise into oddly compelling shapes.

Intense, grinding, propulsive, and immersive, his one-of-a-kind style has proven to be undoubtedly versatile. “His music’s physical in the way that fevers and heartbreak and fear are physical, affecting every sense at once and casting a shadow over every inch of your periphery”. (FACT magazine, 2015)

In her last full length album, ‘Singulacra, Sophia Loizou telescopes in on original early ‘90s rave thru a smudged electro-acoustic lens, peering thru decades of murk to reveal spectral diva silhouettes and ecstatically forlorn melodies buffeted by drifting, acephalic subs and skeletal breakbeats.

There are clear parallels to be drawn with everyone from Burial to Roly Porter and even Teresa Winter, yet Singulacra feels more detached, glumly resigned than any of the above, a fact exemplified in a beautifully elusive render of N-Trance’s Set You Free or the shivering, glistening cold sweat sheen of Glimpses of Death.

Cosmo Rhythmatic – featuring: die Angel, Shapednoise, + Sophia Loizou

12.4.2018 | Doors/Starts 21:00 CET

Berghain Säule | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10437 Berlin

Event @ Berghain | Tickets @ Koka36Event @ Facebook

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