Picture: Contagious by Steinhaeuser
Picture: Contagious by Steinhaeuser

Contagious + Guests (Marta De Pascalis, Liz Kosack, Tot Onyx) at Morphine Raum / 12—14.2.2024

Contagious are Sabine Ercklentz (Trumpet, Electronics), Andrea Neumann (Inside Piano, Mixer) and Mieko Suzuki (Electronics, Turntable). The second edition of the concert series ‘Partners in Crime’ focuses on Berlin-based female musicians.

The trio ‘Contagious’ is a solid blending of avant-garde experimentation and electronic music. For the concert series, they invite three distinct musical voices with different backgrounds from vintage synth soundworlds, Fluxus and Neo Dada. Together they explore the transformative power of improvisation and collective action.

Guest Musicians are Marta De Pascalis (Synthesizer, Tapes), Liz Kosack (Synthesizer) and Tot Onyx (Electronics).

The first night features the well-known electronic artist Marta De Pascalis. Her works employ analog synthesis and tape-loops to create repetitive patterns that compose unique soundscapes and cathartic soundbodies. The second night features synth artist Liz Kosack. Rooted in jazz, her works expand into the field of experimental and improvised music. In her diverse collaborations she aims to create and question identity. The last evening of the concert series features electronic musician and artist Tot Onyx aka Tommi Tokyo, founder of the Japanese duo ‘Group A‘. Her practice is characterised by the rejection of traditions and clichés, embracing rebellion, destruction and disturbance.

Partners in Crime II: Contagious + Guests (Marta De Pascalis, Liz Kosack, Tot Onyx)

12—14.2.2024 | Doors 20:00 / Starts 20:30 CET
Morphine Raum | Köpenicker Straße 147 (Hinterhof, 1. Etage) in 10997 Berlin

Mon 12th February – Contagious + Marta De Pascalis
Tue 13th February – Contagious + Liz Kosack
Wed 14th February – Contagious + Tot Onyx

Funded by initiative neue musik berlin

media-loca.com/contagious/ | Event @ Facebook
Photo by dicey studio
Photo by dicey studio
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