Com Truise @ Fluxbau Berlin | Wednesday, 28.05.2014

Com Truise is one of the many personas of producer and designer Seth Haley, born and raised in upstate New York and operating out of a 12’-overrun apartment in Princeton.

An admitted synth obsessive, Com Truise is the maker of an experimental and bottom heavy style he calls “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk”.


Haley’s been making music on the side for roughly a decade—going through pseudonyms like toothbrushes (Sarin Sunday, SYSTM, Airliner) — first as a DJ, and currently, as an excavator of softer, window-fogging synth-wave. While subliminally informed by both parental record collections and hints of faded electronics product design, Haley’s Com Truise project isn’t just nostalgia capitalization.


There are fragments (read:DNA strands) of Joy Division, New Order, and the Cocteau Twins, but it’s like you’re hearing them through the motherboard of a waterlogged Xbox—demented and modern. He’s got a way of making familiar things sound beautifully hand-smeared.

Com Truise – “Brokendate” from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

His new half-hour Wave 1 EP supplies more of the robust, wide-eyed synth pop/funk for which he has been known, albeit with a few slight tweaks.


Com Truise

Wednesday, 28th May 2014 | 22:00 CET
Fluxbau | Pfuelstraße 5 | 10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg |

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