Livestream: CC No. 2 w/ Jan St. Werner, Olivia Block, PITA, Rosa Barba & more from ausland / Saturday, 14.3.2020

Saturday March 14th, “Fiepblatter Catalogue: Jan St. Werner + Guests” is cancelled as a public audience venue event. But ausland is doing everything to set up a livestream program for Saturday evening from ca. 20:00h on. You will find relevant infos on ausland’s website! Please stay tuned for details and spread the word. The stream will most likely happen here.

OLIVIA BLOCK (electronics / live) is a composer and media artist based in Chicago. She often performs her own solo pieces, utilizing electronically processed amplified objects, found recordings on tapes, and various techniques inside grand pianos. Block’s current work reflects her interests in site specificity, ethnographic sound, architecture, and found/archival materials from the 1950’s-1990’s

PITA (electronics / live) aka Peter Rehberg has spearheaded the contemporary electronic sound with his uncompromising explorations of noise, rhythm and extreme computer music. Besides his solo works, he has also worked with numerous experimental musicians in collaboration and runs the Editions Mego label. His latest solo release “Get On” came out in 2019.

JAN ST. WERNER (electronics / live) is a critically acclaimed and internationally recognized sound innovator in a myriad of ways – as a solo artist, a collaborator, through his group Mouse On Mars, as a producer, or as a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremburg. The latest release within his long-term series Fiepblatter, “Glottal Wolpertinger”, was released by Thrill Jockey in 2019.

ROSA BARBA (film screening: “Somnium”, 2011) is a visual artist and filmmaker, known for using the medium of film and its materiality to create cinematic film installations, sculptures and publications. “Somnium” refers to a short story by the German astronomer Johannes Kepler, posthumously published in 1634: the tale of a lunar voyage, framed as a dream, was devised to validate the radically seditious thesis of a heliocentric universe. Barba’s recordings were made in Rotterdam on a site planned as a future harbour, which will become operational in 2030. The landscape that Barba introduces in her recordings is itself surreal, strange and uninhabited, and captures the science-fiction tone of Kepler’s story.

PATRICIA REEED (diagrammatic lecture: “Frames of Reference for the Inexistent”) is an artist, writer, and designer based in Berlin. “How can one become witness to that which does not yet exist?”, is the question of the talk she developed for tonigh’s programme, narrated through a series of diagrams. The premise is that if substantial social transformation is necessary today, it is bound to a demand for an otherworld. Yet since an otherworld is not fully at hand in the here and now of this concrete world, how can we come to think it, perceive it, sense it and desire it?

RUPERT SMYTH has, as designer and art director, worked with numerous galleries and art institutions including acting as design director for the independent art festival New York Gallery Week and most recently for the 15th Istanbul Biennial. Among other endeavours, he’d also served as Designer of Dazed & Confused, the UK’s most influential style magazine. In 2002 he set up the Rupert Smyth Studio. He’d crafted the book “DECAY OBJECT” together with Jan St. Werner, which comprises art work related to St. Werners Fiepblatter series and will have its premiere tonight.

+ DJ ELENI POOULOU, who’ll put up records before, inbetween and – and, not least – after the live programme!

Fiepblatter Catalogue | “CC No. 2 – Craving Coincidence” #1

Saturday, 14.03.2020 | Livestream from ca. 20:00 CET via ausland’s Facebook page

ausland Berlin | Olivia Block | Pita | Jan St. Werner | Rosa BarbaEvent @ Facebook

Photo by Ryan Lowry

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