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D/B Tech Review: Buffeater | real time sound manipulation for Reaktor

Twisted Tools is a young software company, focused on developing very creative and effective products for Native Instrument’s modular platform, Reaktor.

Their latest release is Buffeater, a real-time, dynamically ordered, granular multi-effect. In their words: “The effect works by capturing live audio and storing it in a temporary buffer, which allows for real-time processing of the incoming audio using granular synthesis and other methods.

In plain terms, Buffeater allows you take live audio and tweak elements of the sound such as time and pitch, while controlling he signal flow of the effects by the order in which you play.  With Buffeater, you can easily achieve stutters, glitch, beat repeat/juggling and/or chopped and screwed effects.”


The six effects, presented in a clear and very usable interface, are: Stretch, Tape, Slice Repeat, Deconstruct, Scratch and Feed Grains. Just looking at the effects names, it’s quite clear what can be achieved with this software: sonic manipulation mayhem!

Buffeater can be used in two ways: using the internal beatlooper (a sample player), or feeding the internal engine with external live audio (or other tracks, if used as plug-in in a DAW). The package includes 346 Mb of quality samples, created by renowned sound-designers like Richard Devine, EVAC, Glitchmachines, Josh Hinden, Mike Huckaby, Haptic,  Komposit, Rena Jones and Tembu (Bay Dawgz).

The concept of granular and buffer manipulation is obviously not new, but what makes Buffeater worth the price of admission (49 $) is its control features: the software is easily controllable through your computer keyboard, and from your midi keyboard as well. Like in previous Twisted Tools’ products, Buffeater offers plenty of automatable sequencing options that can greatly improve the results of your manipulations.

Buffeater is compatible with all versions of Reaktor 5 and related plug-in platforms (AU, VST, RTAS). It also includes a Maschine and Kore template.


Definitely recommended if you’re a Reaktor user and you’re into sonic manipulation. A great tool to spice-up your live performances, even if you’re not into glitch-related music (tryfeeding it with some ambient/drone sounds – it should work great!).

Unfortunately no trial version/demo available, but the preview video tutorials should be convincing enough…



Fab is a musician and Editor-in-Chief for AudioNewsRoom (ANR), a music technology online magazine.