D/B Presents: Bok Bok, Dj MFK & DJ Wen @ Chesters Berlin | Saturday, 10.08.2013

Urban Mutations and Festsaal im Exil present a night with Bok Bok, Dj MFK, Dj Wen & visuals by Janitor at Chesters Club in Kreuzberg.
D/B Presents: Bok Bok, Dj MFK & DJ Wen @ Chesters Berlin | Saturday, 10.08.2013
Bok Bok aka Alex Sushon is a London based DJ, producer, remixer and director of the incendiary Night Slugs record label.

DJing since 2004, Sushon started to make his name on London’s underground scene around the time Grime music was first emerging from the capitol’s tower blocks, and for the first years of his career he played little else.

Bok Bok | Dj Set For Just Jam 83

The unique inventiveness and raw energy of that music has remained with Sushon ever since, as he discovered the wider world of club music, seeing many parallels between the homegrown music of London and House music from Chicago to South Africa, Techno, 80s funk and a myriad other music styles across many eras.

For Sushon, all these musics came together to form a seamless timeline, all complimenting, echoging and supplementing each other.

Bok Bok | Hyperpass

This pan-genre, time-irreverent mentality was the foundation of the Night Slugs movement, for which Sushon joined forces with  like-minded producer and DJ L-Vis 1990.

Through many events series and their DJ sets around the UK and Europe, the duo cultivated a unique sound, cross-polynating ideas from their various influences until a distinct community of producers crystalised around them.

Bok Bok | Reminder

In 2010 Night Slugs re-launched as a record label. Since then NS has been a non-stop source of cutting-edge, challenging and ambitious music for the club.

It launched the careers of artists such as Mosca, Jam City and Girl Unit and providing a context-rich platform for like-minded producers such as Kingdom, Egyptrixx and Lil Silva.

Bok Bok | Dj Set For Boiler Room

The label’s sound may be diverse but it’s FEEL is distinctive, injecting its myriad influences back into the UK soundsystem heritage that inspired Sushon way back in his early days as a Grime DJ.

In the process, Night Slugs has become a truly cult label, with a reputation for quality and innovation rivaled by few others and with a fan base as globally spread as Bok and L-Vis’ inspirations.

Bok Bok | Silo Pass

Urban Mutations is ‘a DJ collective appreciated for bringing creativity and diversity to the mainly Techno-driven Berlin scene.

What they offer is bass music and you get to dance all night. Sounds like an obvious choice for an audience that goes for a fresh mixture of styles’.

Bok Bok | Charisma Theme (Bok’s Own Remix)

DJ MFK and DJ WEN play an endless b2b stream of engaging multi-stylistic bass music to keep the dance floor alive and in full-reactive mode at all times.

Using visuals from the Berlin Post-internet artist community and musical mutations originating from the dense network of the Soundcloud community as well as the newest releases from labels like Nightslugs, Hessle Audio, Body High, Fade To Mind amongst a lot more club music from past and present.

Bok Bok | NNTF09

Urban Mutations crosses boundaries and mixes styles in a way that creates an organic night of dancing for the open minded listener as well as the stubborn purist.

Janitor is a pseudo-generative video system developed by artists Harm van den Dorpel and Jonas Lund in collaboration with Urban Mutations.

Bok Bok, Dj MFK & Dj Wen
presented by Urban Mutations & Festsaal im Exil

Saturday, 10 August 2013 | 23:45 CET
Chesters | Glogauer Str. 2 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

soundcloud.com/bokbok | urbanmutations.com | festsaal-kreuzberg.de | chestersberlin.tumblr.com