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D/B Recommended: BodyControlled 1: Other Spaces @ LEAP Berlin | Saturday, 26.11.2011

BodyControlled is a new exhibition and performance series at Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance /LEAP.

It presents artists who are dedicated to performance art and have explored in their work the medium of sound in electronic as well as other expressive art forms.

The first event of the BodyControlled series focuses on the theme of other spaces. The works on display will both intertwine with LEAP’s existing architecture and generate other virtual spaces.

These areas are either completely synthetically generated, reflecting directly the current environment to a new sonic framework or condense an existing space into specific digital imagery. The opening will be concluded with a 12-hour performance by Robert Henke (Monolake), Peter Kirn and Stephen Cornford & Paul Whitty.

The music of Robert Henke is preoccupied with the present: how something sounds in that moment and what color and substance convey a rhythmic phrase? Music as a state. Only later will this condition be formulated over time. The artist’s installations are always explicit and in turn relate to the phenomena of temporal change.

Traversing virtual architectural environments, Peter Kirn creates a multi-channel live audiovisual performance. Bringing a reflection of the Fernsehturm’s geometries into LEAP, sampled pianos and synthesized sounds become a live, rhythmic meditation.

Stephen Cornfords practice exists at the intersection of sculpture and music, using sound and noise to investigate the physical qualities of the world around him. He uses the strategy of the bricoleur to combine found objects, musical instruments and audio technologies, shifting our assumptions of the familiar by amplifying the previously inaudible.


Exhibition Opening: BodyControlled 1: Other Spaces – with Performances by Robert Henke, Peter Kirn and Stephen Cornford feat. Paul Whitty

Saturday, 26 November 2011 | 20:00 CET
LEAP | Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 13, Berlin Carré, 1st floor | 10178 Berlin/Mitte