D/B Recommended: BodyControlled #3 w/ Andrea Belfi and many others + SuperCollider workshop @ LEAP Berlin | Friday, 30.03. + Saturday, 31.03.2012

The third edition of the BodyControlled series presents a group of performing artists using diverse feedback procedures as a motor for their performance work.

Known mostly as the result of an audio loop between a microphone and a speaker, feedback can be a powerful and dynamic creative tool in both visual and sound performances.

Each of the artists in BC#3 uses feedback in a personal way (and at a different level in the processing chain) to either shape their sounds and images, or to create a – relatively – controlled dialogue between them and their instruments.

Andrea Belfi | Parte Prima

This edition also marks the start of the BodyControlled Workshops, with the SuperCollider workshop “Good looking sounds” by Fredrik Olofsson, taking place March 31st.

Andrea Belfi has been playing drums since the age of 14. He studied art in Milan and has been working in experimental music since 2000. He plays with David Grubbs, Mike Watt, Stefano Pilia, Attila Faravelli, Machinefabriek, Hobocombo. He’s currently living in Berlin.

At LEAP Belfi recontextualizes Stillivingrooms inside an empty room, playing material from previous performances and new electroacoustic sounds and video, building a new interior sound architecture.

Pure has been making electronic music since 1992. He creates hypnotic, soundtrack-like pieces that trigger associations of dreams and science fiction novels using a mix of electroacoustic composition, sound synthesis, and live electronics.

People, processes, collaborations, spatiality and sound are all important factors in Ann Roséns art. In her more recent installation works such as ZO-4, Vatt, Sound Inserts and Noise Tank she continues to explore different aspects of sound, spatiality and the social context in which it is encountered.

In her compositions for choirs or chamber music ensembles, unprocessed and processed noise plays an important role, such as in Zonula Occludens and Head Resistance. Her solo performances often feature different surround techniques and her own self made synthesizers, sensors and controllers.

Code and programming is a fundamental part of Fredrik Olofsson’s life and work. Most of his activities revolve around computers and what they can and cannot do. Solo works include the audiovisual performance piece redUniform where the core part was developed during a six months residency at IAMAS, Japan.

Collaborations include twelve years with the group MusicalFieldsForever, making interactive art for museums, exhibitions and public spaces. He is also working as a researcher on the Rhyme project in Norway and teaches the computational art class at UdK in Berlin.

Knyppel is a collaboration between Ann Rosén and Fredrik Olofsson. With the unusual interfaces of lace pillows and embroidery hoops, they struggle to control a noisy audiovisual system.

The system produces sound and graphics that are not always pleasant, and as Ann and Fredrik try to push it to their liking, an endless rabbit chase starts – a man-machine feedback loop. As with all feedback systems, it gets interesting only when there is some kind of ‘dirt’ in the feedback chain
and no side wins.

Alberto de Campo is an artist, musician and composer, he works in many different contexts. He studied composition and jazz guitar in Austria as well as electronic music / computer music in the United States.

He works with the ensembles powerbooks_unplugged, Quiet Noise Quartet, realtime_research, together with Elisabeth Harnik, Florian Hecker, Marcus Schmickler, and many others. His interests include algorithmic art, just-intime programming, improvisation practices, sonification of scientific data, and self-regulating systems.

Hannes Hoelzl was born in 1974 in Bolzano / Italy, studied in Vienna, Graz and Utrecht (Sound & Music Technology), resides in Cologne. Since then he has worked in various disciplines around the central theme of sound: live computer music, installation, audio programming, composition, surround sound, ambient listening, synthesis of unpredictable sounds and the implantation of erratic behavior in semi-intelligent sound objects are his fields of work.

He works regularly with other artists from the fields of jazz and contemporary music as well as sound- and media art. He sometimes performs with fixed formations, partly in open formations.

And don’t miss:
Workshop “Good looking sounds” with  Fredrik Olofsson
Saturday, 31.03.2012, 11am–19pm (with break)
A one day workshop by Fredrik Olofsson about generating strange graphics in the audio programming language SuperCollider.

BodyControlled #3  LIVE

Live shows:
Friday, 30 March 2012 | 20:00 CET
Saturday, 31 March 2012 | 11:00 CET
LEAP | (Berlin Carré, 1. Floor) | Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13 | 10178 Berlin/Mitte

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