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Black Zone Myth Chant at Acud / Tuesday, 28.04.2015

Black Zone Myth Chant is an alias of High Wolf, the French guitarist and producer of kosmic, psych, new age and drone (released on NOT NOT FUN, Shelter Press and his own Winged Sun imprint).

As Black Zone MC, he does ultra-slow experimental sort-of hip hop, calling up Ras G, DJ Screw and Dean Blunt with twisted spoken word and grinding loops, channeling a dark mysticism that comes across as kind of crazed and scary in an alltogether wonderful way.


The new record, which the label refers to as an “exceptional slab of squashed, Afro-centric psychedelia,” comes via Trilogy Tapes affiliate Low Jack (aka Gravats) and Jean Carval’s fledgling Editions Gravats. The music consists of polyrhythms, drones and slowed-down vocals and is said to follow in the footsteps of Sun Ra, DJ Screw, and Vox Populi.

Mulching the vibes and fibres of celestial jazz, dub and improvised noise into eight papier mãche golems, the session regresses to a headspace of swampy psychedelia from the amorphous synth shapes and primordial pulse of ‘Belshazzar’ to the sub-conscious voices and ancient elegance of ‘If God Is Not Here’.


What happens between those pillars remains a mystery, even after you’ve heard it – is ‘In The Arms of The Parcae’ footwork from an alternate dimension? Could ‘Two Stars, No Cross’ possibly be Francis Bebey’s starchild from Andromeda?

Are the polytonal chorales of ‘He Evil’ attempting to communicate in a forgotten language? With your help we can begin to unravel this enigma. Please note down and let us know if you experience any irregularities in breathing, vision, appetite or speech during or after consumption…

Black Zone Myth Chant

Tuesday, 28th April 2015 | 21:00 CET
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte

blackzonemythchant.bandcamp.com | soundcloud.com/editions-gravats | acudmachtneu.de


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