D/B Recommended: Big City Orchestra & Notstandskomitee @ Friedenskirche Berlin | Tuesday, 09.10.2012

Even before the internet, artist were communicating worldwide developing an international mail art and cassette trading scene.

The „Big City Orchestra“ was among the first to trade self produced music with others through tapes, which were later sold in limited editions, often in lovingly designed packaging.

Founded in 1979, the BCO has by now produced hundreds of tapes as well as dozens of CDs und LPs. Core members are the artists Ninah Pixie and dAS, complemented by various different musicians, such as Dan Burke from „Illusion of Safety“, Edward Ka-Spel, singer of „The Legendary Pink Dots“and Noise pioneer GX Jupitter-Larsen from „The Haters“.

Bid City Orchestra | Dead Is God

The music of the BCO differs widely: cold wave, ambient and noise music, with elements from audio drama, folk and pop. Their concerts often include acting, dance and video projection and additionally they produce collages and video art, strongly influenced by Dadaism.

The BCO is always playing with genres as if the world is a yo-yo. On a regular basis the BCO is producing radio broadcasts and webcasts with live music and guests from all over the world. Hundreds of those recordings can be found on www.archive.org.

The Big City Orchestra is supported by Notstandskomitee from Hamburg.

Big City Orchestra & Notstandskomitee  LIVE
presented by Dienstbar

Tuesday, 09 October 2012 | 19:00 CET
Friedenskirche | Bismarckstraße 40 | 10627 Berlin/Charlottenburg

ubuibi.org | myspace.com/notstandskomitee | die-friedenskirche.de