Picture: Feichtmair Harnik Polaschegg @ Club W71 by Bernd Scholkemper
Picture: Feichtmair Harnik Polaschegg @ Club W71 by Bernd Scholkemper

biegungen w/ Quatuor BRAC + Feichtmair/Harnik/Polaschegg at ausland / Friday, 16.12.2022

Energetic intensity, bright expressiveness and abstract deceleration: This is what the coming together of these three dazzling musical personalities promises: 2+2+2=3: energy + expressiveness | abstraction + concretion | calmness + impulsiveness = flowing sound textures, abstract lyrics and driving pulses in the trio of Tanja Feichtmair, Elisabeth Harnik and Nina Polaschegg.

Alto saxophonist Tanja Feichtmair has already made a name for herself in several Austrian and international formations (Lull, Müjazz, Feichtmair/Turner Duo, Trio Now, trio with Gino Robair and Damon Smith, quartet with Frank Gratkowksi, Peter Herbert and Christian Lillinger …). The pianist Elisabeth Harnik can be heard solo and in ensembles with prominent representatives of contemporary jazz worldwide. A long-standing musical friendship connects them e. g. with the Chicago free scene and she is a sought-after playing partner of Ken Vandermark, Steve Swell, Andrea Centazzo and Joëlle Léandre. Nina Polaschegg plays baroque music as well as free improvisation, and works as a musicologist and music journalist in the field of contemporary composed, improvised and electronic music as well as in contemporary jazz.

In the Quatuor BRAC, four virtuoso string instrumentalists have come together: the Italian Tiziana Bertoncini, Soizic Lebrat (who replaced Martine Altenburger, the “A” in BRAC’s original line-up), Vincent Royer and Benoît Cancoin from France. Improvisation is both the core competence and the preferred repertoire of this string quartet. Quatuor BRAC loves the confrontation with and the challenge of the unforeseen, exploring spatial acoustics, the performance situation and the interaction with the environment.

They are complemented in their second set by the synthesizer virtuoso Thomas Lehn, who has been concentrating on live electronic music since around 1990 and whose primary instrument since 1994 has been the modular analog synthesizer.

biegungen im ausland w/ Quatuor BRAC/Lehn + Feichtmair/Harnik/Polaschegg

Feichtmair/Harnik/Polaschegg: Tanja Feichtmair – saxophone; Elisabeth Harnik – piano; Nina Polaschegg – double bass
Quatuor BRAC + Thomas Lehn: Tiziana Bertoncini – violin; Soizic Lebrat – cello; Benoît Cancoin – double bass; Vincent Royer – viola; Thomas Lehn – analogue synthesizer

16.12.2022 | Doors 20:30 | Starts 21:00 CET
ausland | Lychener Strasse 60 in 10437 Berlin

ausland-berlin.de | Tickets (box office only): 9 €

Supported by the Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Presented by Digital in Berlin.
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