biegungen w/ Ephemeral Fragments + The Liz at ausland / Saturday, 25.3.2023

Ephemeral Fragments is an improvising trio with Florian Walter on tubax, Emily Wittbrodt on cello, and Korhan Erel on electronics. They played their first concert on April 29th, 2019 when Florian Walter asked the other two musicians to play with him at his concert series at Alte Mitte in Essen. Happy with the results of this concert, the three musicians decided to go forward with this line up and played a recording session later in 2019. Despite the onset of the pandemic, they have managed to play two more concerts in 2020.

The Liz is a power trio of three Berliners. Liz Kosack, Korhan Liz Erel and Liz Allbee swim the currents of experimental, improv, jazz, beat-based electronic and text-ridden musics, coupling it all with multi-media forays into video, puppetry, and performance, among other things. They have been playing together since 2014 as an improvising trio as well as a compositional team. Recent works include 2019’s Dipper and 2016’s Book of Birds.

The Liz were funded by Musikfonds in 2021 to develop their new project No Comet, which is a speculative take on how dinosaurs would develop into sentient beings if the comet/asteroid had never hit the Earth 66 million years ago. The Liz will create an installation and concert, imagining a planet with no humans but dinosaurs as the intelligent species.

After eight years, three productions and numerous concerts in Germany, Turkey, Switzerland and Brazil, The Liz will part ways. Their last concert will be at ausland on March 25, 2023.

biegungen w/ Ephemeral Fragments + The Liz

Saturday, 25.3.2023 | Doors 20:30 | Starts 21:00 CET
ausland | Lychener Straße 60 in 10437 Berlin
Tickets (at the door only): 9 Euro | Event @ Facebook

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Presented by Digital in Berlin

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