Biegungen w/ Lotte Anker & Magda Mayas Duo + Gartmayer Ernst dieb13 Trio at Ausland / Saturday, 09.04.2016

Lotte Anker & Magda Mayas have crossed paths many times during the years but performed together only twice: once in Sweden and once in Ukraine as part of the Art Meetings Project in Lviv 2014. The concert at Ausland will be the premiere for this duo collaboration.

Both musicians are interested in – and working with – the spatial qualities in music and various textural possibilities, at the same time as they both have developed a very personal vocabulary and approach to improvisation. Exploration of sound, noise and silence, subtle and more dense energy fields and highly present communication will be what to expect from this concert.


The other group of this Biegungen edition is a Viennese trio consisting of dieb13 on turntables, Susanna Gartmayer on bass clarinet and Katharina Ernst on drums.

Susanna Gartmayer is a composer/ improviser/ performer and plays bass clarinet/ contra alto clarinet/ alto saxophone.
She works in the fields of „multi-ideomatic“ improvisation, experimental rock, contemporary music
and multi-media sound research. Gartmayer studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the Glasgow School of Art and did a Self Study for saxophone, bass
clarinet, composition and harmonics. She plays in many ensembles for organized and improvised music.


Renowned institutions, such as Deutsches Theater Berlin or Konzerthaus Vienna, off-spaces such as parking lots in the southwest of France, hidden venues like a one-man office hosting experimental music in the heart of Seoul, or an old factory full of people shaking to her beats somewhere along the Danube; these are the frames of Katharina Ernst’s artistic practice, which is as diverse as the projects she is involved in.

The range spreads from improvised music with partners like Ken Vandermark, dieb13, Terrie Hessels and Kazuhisa Uchihashi to multidisciplinary street theatre with La Compagnie Luc Amoros; from live shows with her techno band VENTIL or with Chicks On Speed to contemporary dance and performance with artists and collectives like Oleg Soulimenko or Toxic Dreams.


Through all of these diverse practices, Katharina defends an artistic approach that is one of a nomad, in and between disciplines. It is this perspective on art, as well as her partaking in various collaborations with highly interesting partners that have allowed her to travel across the planet – from The Netherlands to Mexico, from France to China, from Ireland to Australia.

Born in 1987 in Vienna, Austria, Katharina is a Fine Arts/Painting graduate. She started playing the drums at age nine. Her major interests in drumming are poly-rhythmical, poly-metrical, odd and chaotic structures, understanding reduction as a means of approaching complexity. Besides touring in summer and painting in winter she is curating experimental art and music events in Vienna.


The biography of dieb13 aka dieter kovačič: born in 1973. school and various studies in vienna. since the late 80ies he has worked continuously in rendering cassette players, vinyls, cd’s and harddisks into instruments. solo appearances as dieb13, dieb13, dieb14, bot, echelon.

permanent collaborations include: eh, NotTheSameColor, siewert/dieb13, erik.M/dieb13, dieb13 vs. takeshi fumimoto, swedish azz, phil minton/dieb13, john butcher.

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Biegungen w/ Lotte Anker & Magda Mayas Duo + Gartmayer Ernst dieb13 Trio

Saturday, 09th April 2016 | 21:00 CET
Ausland | Lychener Str. 60 | 10437 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

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