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D/B Recommended: Beach Fossils & King Tuff @ Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin | Monday, 20.05.2013

Beach Fossils began in 2009 as the solo project of Dustin Payseur.
D/B Recommended: Beach Fossils & King Tuff @ Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin | Monday, 20.05.2013
Beach Fossils quickly became known for their highly energetic stage show, bringing the recorded work to a volume and tempo that would make even the indie-est of crowds wind up in a frenzy.

Payseur takes influence from music, poetry, art and philosophers (Don Cherry, Ravi Shankar, Rumi, Lao-Tzu and Jean Cocteau), having an equal and crucial impact on his work.

Beach Fossils | Sleep Apnea

Instead of merely going from a “bedroom DiY” project to a “better fidelity studio project” the deliberate decision to work with Ben Greenberg of The Men for the highly anticipated second album Clash The Truth was determined to capture, if not in style, the spirit and enthusiasm of punk and aggressive music in general.

To ensure that dynamic, the drums were recorded live in a room with Dustin on bass to give the album a driving and energetic force. Consider the titles “Generational Synthetic,” “Caustic Cross” and “Burn You Down,” it’s easy to see how the record, while not a punk or post-punk record by strict definition, certainly nods to the first major influence of Dustin’s creative spark.

King Tuff | Sun Medallion

Slacker, Skater, Sicko, Stoner and garage musician – that and much more is Kyle Thomas aka King Tuff. His second record has been released on Sub Pop recently and delivers hit after hit somewhere between Garage-Rock and yes, Garage-Rock.

The sound is drenched in sweat and alcohol and the live shows are excessive. No wonder that acts like NOBUNNY, HUNX & HIS PUNX and SHANNON & THE CLAMS belong to his close circle of friends.

Beach Fossils & King Tuff  LIVE

Monday, 20 May 2013 | 20:00 CET
Festsaal Kreuzberg | Skalitzer Str. 130 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

capturedtracks.com/beachfossils | subpop.com/kingtuff | festsaal-kreuzberg.de