Baby Dee at Ausland / Friday, 01.05.2015

Baby Dee is a trans-gender street legend and sideshow veteran, who was at times notorious to ride around New York on a gigantic trike with her harp attached to it, also using it as a makeshift stage for concerts (see promo shot above).

The former tree cutter and cantor of a catholic parish in the Bronx has been touring extensively with Current 93 and Marc Almond, wrote arrangements for Antony And The Johnsons and has collaborated with every one from Bonnie Prince Billy to Little Annie.


She presents songs from her breath-taking new album “I Am A Stick” for the first time in Germany. An offering which she recorded with what she calls “her dream band”: An all star cast of international musicians who will also join her for the tour.

Londoner Joe Carvell is a double bassist famed for his collaboration with Mantler. The Spanish guitar hero Victor Herrero will be no unknown name to the avid Berlin music listener for his work with his wife Josephine Foster.


But there is also the maestro: drummer Alex Neilson, the Glaswegian mastermind behind the thriving psychedelic neo-folk outfit Trembling Bells, a long time friend and accompanist of Bonnie Prince Billy and the rhythm keeper behind legendary characters such as the Invisible String Band’s Mike Heron or the enigmatic Texan outsider Jandek… Nobody can make the regular boom-chak of rock’s 4/4 beat sound as soulful!

Support for Dee’s show comes from Victor Herrero solo and from Berlin’s own Princessin Hans, who will without doubt turn the rather matter-of-factly venue into a sleazy cabaret.

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Baby Dee  LIVE

Friday, 01th May 2015 | 21:00 CET
Ausland | Lychener Strasse 60 | 10437 Berlin |||

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