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Artikel II w/ Sick Girls, Sarah Farina and many more @ St. Georg Berlin | Friday, 21.03.2014

To those who are registered in Berlin, the Senator for Cultural and Trade Secrets, The Bundesministry for funny walks and generally freelance music-loving civilians who are noted for their love of syncopated rapid half-time rhythms, Please note that you are cordially invited to dance at the local club house St. George. Due to the non-compliance of genres we are providing stiff upper lips Disc Jockeys, such as Sarah Farina, NGHT DRPS, Walter vinyl and Le Feu, an unfathomable mix of Jungle, Hip Hop, UK Garage and Juke. Furthermore you can experience the glorious Sick Girls, who are ratified by the Government department for stealth and total obscurity as seemingly ‘approved for public consumption’, also known by their succesfull event series “Revolution N ° 5”.

Sick Girls – Berlin’s First Ladies of Bass. South of the channel, very few have championed the sounds of West London, Croydon, and Bow like Berlin’s Sick Girls JJ & Alex. Back in 2004, the German Giana Sisters of grime & bass felt the need to spice up the dominant 4/4 rhythms and linear built-ups of their beloved hometown with some serious low-end jams and ruptured rhythms. Ever since their humble beginnings, Sick Girls have taken their trademark blending of grime and garage, dubby steppas, dirty south, b-more and digi dancehall to clubs and festivals all over the place, from Bejing and Istanbul to Barcelona and back to Berlin and their own Revolution No.5 party series. Besides usually being the first to play out the latest tunes from around the globe, Sick Girls have laced up official mix tapes for labels like Violent Turds and BBE.

Sarah Farina is a DJ quickly invading all corners of Berlin’s bass driven clubs. With influences ranging from Mark Pritchard, Timbaland, Boards of Canada and J Dilla, she’s quickly forged a reputation throughout Europe’s underground bass scene by filling her sets and mixes with an unpredictable blend of UKG, Jungle, Juke, Hip Hop at the same time her sets are driven forward through futuristic Breakbeats and intense Basslines.

NGHT DRPS unites a bass heavy electronic production style with deep and psychedelic moods, combining influences from UK bass music, hiphop and EDM. Currently spending most of his time in his studio working on his upcoming EP,  he’s also DJing on a regular with other fellows of the Through My Speakers collective on their club nights and collabo events. During the day he’s working as a composer and sound designer for all sorts of audiovisual multimedia projects he also represents the NOIZU interactive audio collective, establishing a network of creative talents to push the boundaries beyond conventional visual and audio production.

Walter Vinyl: Born and raised in western Germany’s former industrial area ‘Ruhrgebiet’, Walter Vinyl got infected with the vinyl-virus through the music of local Hiphop heroes like Too Strong, Creutzfeld & Jakob. After moving to Hamburg Vinyl started to work as a soundengineer, gathering his first DJ experiences at freestyle-sessions. Now living in Berlin being an asset to Through My Speakers and partner in crime of Sarah Farina, Walter takes his Influences to various parties and played alongside big names like Redman, Machinedrum, Scratcha DVA, Cinnaman, Riddim Commission so far. Free from musical boundaries, he mixes HipHop, Soul, House, Footwork and whatever he feels at the time. Always creating interesting sets for mind, body and soul.

Artikel II w/ Sick Girls, Sarah Farina, NGHT DRPS, Walter Vinyl, LE FEU

Friday, 21 March 2014 | 23:00 CET
St. Georg | Ritterstr. 26 | 10969 Berlin/Kreuzberg

soundcloud.com/sick-girls | soundcloud.com/sarahfarina | stgeorg-berlin.com

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