Occulto – Pi Issue Preview w/ Alberto Boccardi, Claudio Rocchetti, DuChamp @ West Germany Berlin | Friday, 21.03.2014

Occulto – Pi Issue Preview: Getting ready for Occulto Fest 2014 is not only about posting stuff online this year: The Occulto team has put together a warm-up program that is kind of paving the way to the festival, but most of all is giving the chance to invite more artists they love to perform in town. Let’s celebrate spring together. Expect great music: three solo shows of three of the most talented Italian contemporary musicians around nowadays, ranging from electronic and noise to drones and experimentation. Expect Occulto: a preview of the upcoming Issue Pi spread around the venue in various forms – videos, paper, spoken words, music, equations, special sale of the previous issues + launch of the subscription campaign.

Alberto Boccardi | Attilio Novellino

Engineer and electronic musician, since his 14s he played bass and drums in punk, hardcore and crossover bands. In 2005 he’s started working with electronic music. During his research he found the warm density of acoustic and analogical instruments, the environment as sound texture and multiple sound sources as elements of composition. He’s looking to recreate deep emotional soundscapes working with minimal elements and focusing on the suspension and on the contrast between sound and silence. In January 2012 he released his first solo album with the indipendent italian label fratto9 under the sky.

Claudio Rocchetti | Pointless Vanishing Point

The work of Claudio Rocchetti is a deep plunge into thick sound, investigating its innermost workings. Using a variety of devices such as turntables, audio cassettes, samplers, radios, and microphones, often incorporating other objects and traditional instruments, Berlin-based Rocchetti builds compelling structures that employ sound as sheer matter, mass, and impact. His latest release “Pointless Vanishing Point” is a one-sider vinyl assembled at home inspired by the work of Robert Smithson, a three-parted journey into the recurring environment of awkward sounds and slow frequencies interrupted by a distant sounding psychedelic interlude. He’s active in several other musical projects such as In Zaire, 3/4HadBeenEliminated, Olyvetty

DuChamp | Intervista

DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin, religiously devoted to drone. In 2013 she released the album “Nar” (Boring Machines) and toured Italy, US, Belgium, Poland and Turkey. She’ll release soon a split cassette with Felicia Atkinsons on Idiosyncratic Records. She plays also in the drone duo Fausto Maijstral with Will Gresson (LP out soon on La Station Radar), with the Berlin-based girl band Brabrabra and in other projects (Sacco e Vanzetti, Mouring Star, The Roman Catholics). Since 2011, together with Alice Cannava she organizes gigs and co-curates Occultofest. She’s the (sweet) half of the tape label Kitchen Leg records that released Brabrabra in 2013 and is going to release Bemydelay, Ruins of Krüger and Two Apes in 2014.

The Occulto magazine is the magazine that tells you stories about science in a unique, twisted and interdisciplinary way open to irony and contaminations will be realeasing the fourth issue next May on the ocassion of Occulto Fest 2014. The theme will be “Constant and Variables”. A new Occulto compilation curated by Onga Boring Machines will be released as well. On the way to close the file and print, March is a good moment to stop and think about the past and the future, a good time to share with friends our upcoming projects – and last but not least to call for support!


Occulto – Pi Issue Preview w/ Alberto Boccardi, Claudio Rocchetti, DuChamp

Friday, 21 March 2014 | 19:30 CET
West Germany | Skalitzer Str. 133 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg


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