D/B Recommended: ANONYM live in Berlin @ Bang Bang Club | Tuesday, 27.07.2010

Anne Rolfs (alias Allroh, ex-Wuhling) and Kevin Shea (Drummer of TALIBAM!, “Mostly Other People Do The Killing”, “Band of the year” Downbeat and other bands) are the duo “ANONYM”.

[audio:Allroh – In Rostock.mp3] Both have worked with with Steve Albini (Pixies, PJ Harvey, Shellac, John Spencer, The Stooges) and together as ANONYM they form a mighty improv duo!

“Anne Rolfs is a young German woman who sings with a rare self-assuredness – an antidote to the nymphic whispiness of others working similar territory.

She also spends a large portion of HAG DEC shredding her guitar to splinters in a bloody fingered blizzard more Darkthrone than Joan Baez. Chord sequenzes erupt in jagged solos, or ringing harmonics, or bouts of possessed caterwauling, with a startling intuitive geometry that suggests the whole record was composed on the fly in a state of grace. Imagin Bill Orcutt and Joni Mitchell busking World of Echo.” WIRE

“One thing I am absolutely convinced: There is no one quite like Allroh nor will there ever be if the world exists another thousand years from now.” Radio Free Chicago


Tuesday, 27.07.2010
Doors 20:00 | Entry: 12 Euro

Bang Bang Club | Neue Promenade 10 | Berlin/Mitte

http://www.allroh.com | http://www.bangbangclub.net