Andrea Neumann + Sophie Agnel / R.A.N at Ausland / Tuesday, 28.03.2017

Andrea Neumann and Sophie Agnel have explored the sonic possibilities of the piano since the mid-nineties. While Agnel used the keys, strings, and wood paneling, Neumann reduced her instrument to strings, resonance board and metal frame, reinforced by mixers and pick-ups.
The first duo concert took place in Metz in 1999. Since then joint collaborations with J. Noetinger and L. Machetti and with Bertrand Gauguet. With this trio (Agnel, Gauguet, Neumann) concerts in Albi, Metz, Mulhouse.CD recording 2009 “Spiral Input” (another timbre).

Andrea Neumann was born 1968 in Freiburg, and studied classical piano at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin. Has been active primarily as musician and composer in the fields of new music and experimental music since 1994. Has co-organized “Labor Sonor,” a series for experimental music, film and performance in Berlin since 2000.


Taking a look through the prism of improvised music, Sophie Agnel began reworking the prepared piano techniques imagined by John Cage in the field of contemporary music, and from that point she would busy herself “introducing the prosaicism of the contemporary world into the belly of western musical refinement itself”, and transform her instrument into a sort of “extensive prep-piano” or “extended piano”, thereby laying the foundations of a radically materialist personal universe that is by turns lyrical, abstract and sensualist.


Hüma Utku (Istanbul) is an electronic music artist influenced by human psychology, literature, nature, experience, observations and music. Considering the notion of time in our era, that all is fast and blurred, R.A.N (Roads At Night) is a journey to slowly contemplate on things in our surroundings. Turbulence and introversion are in the core of the sounds. Born as a result of leaving Home – R.A.N generates a new entity, where one loses the self to embark on further explorations.

‘Her Trembling Ceased’, the artist’s first LP under the moniker R.A.N (February 2015, Partapart Records). The album is a journey of transformation from chaos to order. Along with the sweat of nights, childish expectations and grown-up conclusions are in the tranquilising, dark, ambient sounds. The release was followed by a remix album, ‘Remixed: Stories Retold’ (May 2015, Partapart Records).

Andrea Neumann + Sophie Agnel / R.A.N

Tuesday, 28.03.2017 | 20:00 CET
Ausland | Lychener Str. 60 | 10437 Berlin| | |

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