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Ambient am Block B w/ Burnt Friedman, Shackleton, Dasha Rush and more at Funkhaus / Sunday, 28.08.2016

Burnt Friedman is one of Germany’s most long established and highly rated electronic musicians with a career spanning almost 40 years.  He was born in Coburg, Germany in 1965 and has lived in Berlin since 2009.

After initially being a student of art in Kassel, Germany, Burnt started to focus on music exclusively from the late 1980s onwards. He went on to attend the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne as a postgraduate student and began to publish his musical works along with his studio productions in 1979.


He also began performing live around the same time, both of which soon attracted the attention of the Cologne electronic music scene. From there he progressed to various notable music collaborations throughout the 1990s on projects with the likes of Jaki Liebezeit, Hayden Chisholm, Root70,  Atom™ (as Flanger), Tim Motzer, Steve Jansen and David Sylvian (as Nine Horses). In 2000 Friedman launched his own record label, Nonplace, with 41 releases to date.

Working under the solo artist name of BURNT FRIEDMAN, he sought to address the prejudices people had then about the authenticity of programmed music. His studio and on-stage partnership with Jaki Liebezeit, the former drummer of CAN, now dates back 15 years; the two musicians have developed pioneering electronic-acoustic music over that period. On the strength of their craft and universal musical vocabulary they have consciously distanced themselves from the traditional formulas of Western European and Anglo-American music.


Since debuting in 2004 with “Stalker” on Mordant Music, Lancashire, England native Sam Shackleton continually developed a fragile sounding yet densely detailed style of sample-based electronic music that was neither straight techno nor dubstep, though those were the two styles most frequently assigned to him. From 2005 through 2008, he and fellow producer Appleblim ran the Skull Disco label, an outlet for ten vinyl releases, including his own “Blood on My Hands”; a two-part, 20-minute remix from Ricardo Villalobos placed him on the radar of casual followers of underground dance music.

Two years after its release, Shackleton issued his lengthiest title to date, Three EPs (2009), a triple-vinyl pack also issued on CD via Perlon. In late 2010, just after launching another imprint (Woe to the Septic Heart!), he mixed the 55th volume of the Fabric series, made with an array of his all-new productions.


Dasha Rush is a Russian-born artist who sees the genre as a starting place, not a destination. She is a respected and well-traveled DJ and live performer, but her work is equally focused away from the dance floor, and sometimes away from the music itself. Combining her activities as a dj and techno producer on her Fullpanda imprint, which founded in 2005, with other multi-artistic collaborations alongside visual artists or dancers. Dasha brings up a mixture of rather rare electronic experimentation’s and synthesized sounds more akin to the brief movement of underground music the roots of such partially go back to the early 20th century and rise to significant Art Movements to this day.

Her recent album for Raster-Noton, Sleepstep, could be a metaphor for her work: “These 16 pieces are transmissions from that state between sleep and wakefulness,” said Tony Naylor, a reflection of the in-between zones her music often inhabits. Dubby but intense, brutal but tender, foggy yet clear—Sleepstep was a wonderful mass of contradictions. Not being one thing or the other is vitally important to Rush, which goes hand-in-hand with her strong independent streak.

Support djs are John Osborn and Paul Spymania.

Ambient am Block B w/ Burnt Friedman, Shackleton, Dasha Rush and more

28th August 2016 | 12:00 CET (noon)
Funkhaus Berlin | Nalepastraße 18 | 12459 Berlin/Karlshorst

burntfriedman.com | residentadvisor.net/shackleton | dasharush.info | funkhaus-berlin.net


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