“Alter Schwede!” 2 – Festival @ Ausland Berlin | Friday, 25.04. – Sunday, 27.04. 2014

After last year’s enthusiastically received first edition, the festival format “Alter Schwede!” (a playful expression not easily translated to English…) is in 2014 dedicated to opening borders for the second time: Artists from Sweden and Berlin gather at ausland (“abroad”) for an interdisciplinary programme between poetry, experimental music and performance art. Many of the appearances are premieres of newly formed duo-collaborations.

Vinyl Terror and Horror | EMS Mix

In three text-sound performances, Swedish poets work together with Berlin-based musicians, melting literary reading and sound into one. A special festival reader contains not only German translations of the texts, but also statements, festival-related material, images and artwork by the other artists.

Dror Feiler | Live at Sonic Protest

Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm (EMS), one of the pioneering institutions for electronic composition and sound art in Europe, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is cooperation partner for “Alter Schwede! 2”. Many of the musicians performing in the festival’s concert branch have recorded at EMS before.

Daniel M Karlsson | The infinite use of finite means

The same applies to Erik Bünger, Leif Elggren and Imri Sandström. With their topic-based intermedia performances entwining media such as image, film, language/voice and movement, they’ll add to the festival concept a new branch of genuinely transdisciplinary solo works.

Leif Elggren | Under the bed

At the opening on Wednesday before the festival weekend, an archive night offers the opportunity to listen to selected recordings from EMS’ archive reaching back to the 1960s – focusing on text-sound compositions. Writer and musician Pär Thörn and EMS-director Mats Lindström will talk about EMS’ history and play selected recordings from the EMS archive, with focus on historic text/sound-compositions.


Friday, 25 April – 20:00:
– Concert by Vinyl Terror and Horror: EMS Special
– Text-Sound-Performance by Martin Högström & Mario De Vega: “Tyst Tysk”
– Performance by Leif Elggren: “Fear and Food (Don’t eat too much!)”

Saturday, 26 April – 20:00:
– Text-Sound-Performance by Linn Hansén & Liz Allbee
– Performance by Imri Sandström: “(S)TONE TOLD”
– Concert by Dror Feiler & Jassem Hindi
– DJ Hanno Leichtmann

Sunday, 27 April – 19:00:
– Performance by Erik Bünger: “The girl who never was”
– Text-Sound-Performance by Athena Farrokhzad & Christian Kesten
– Concert by Daniel M. Karlsson & Andrea Neumann

For detailed information, please check the Ausland website: ausland-berlin.de


Alter Schwede! # 2 – Festival

Friday, 25 April – Sunday, 27 April 2014
Ausland | Lychener Straße 60 | 10437 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg


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